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How to install and use wood plastic composite floor

How to install and use wood plastic composite floor

Wood plastic composite floor is a popular decoration wood floor in recent years. At the time of installation, in order to ensure its uniqueness and leveling, there are many problems to try to pay attention to. When installing wood plastic composite flooring, there are about five processes. The first process is to clean the wood floor and the environment is tidy. The second process involves the overall planning of the actual installation location of the wood floor. The third process is the actual during the whole installation process, the fourth process is to lay the final piece of wooden floor, and the last process is to do a good job in removing the surface layer of the wooden floor.

When installing wood plastic composite flooring, the first process is to calculate the actual installation area, so that the materials for wood plastic composite flooring can be effectively purchased. After the area conversion is done, buy the materials home, and then measure and set the line on the pavement that is installed as much as possible. Note that the measurement and set-up is a very meticulous work. If the measurement and set-up are not good, it will damage the expected goal of the subsequent installation. The position of the light steel keel ceiling should also be determined after measuring and laying out. The position deviation of the light steel keel ceiling should be ensured to be about 1 mm. After measuring and setting the light steel keel ceiling, it will enter the next production process.

Then from the beginning of the actual installation, the first piece of wooden floor is fixed with self-tapping screws and will not change, and then the level is used to accurately and accurately measure whether the placement position is level. After the first piece of wooden floor is placed and then installed once for the wood plastic composite floor, there should be a construction expansion joint of about 1 mm in the middle of each wooden floor. Until it is installed in the last area, use self-tapping screws to fix the final base plate without changing. After installing the wooden floor, remove all the silt and stains on the surface and clean the environment.

After the installation of the wood plastic composite floor on all roads is completed, the vacant construction expansion joints should be filled as far as possible. It can use technical and professional joint-filling slurry to caulk the joints, and it can hook the condiment slurry itself to fill the joints. After caulking is completed, remove the stains on the surface of the wooden floor again. After the elimination, check whether the caulking is leveled, and the area that is not leveled should be caulked again, and then wipe off the excess slurry.


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