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New concept of plastic wood composite materials for garden construction

New concept of plastic wood composite materials for garden construction

In recent years, plastic wood composite materials have been widely used in garden construction, which have important practical significance for protecting the ecological environment, creating a better living environment, and building conservation-oriented gardens.

Application in paving
There are many forms of application of plastic wood composite materials in paving design, such as garden road paving, courtyard paving, viewing platform, wooden plank road, etc. In the garden road design, plastic wood composite materials are used to splice the trails to match the surrounding high and low plants. In the courtyard design, the use of plastic wood composite paving with multiple colors and shapes can make the courtyard more warm and elegant. In the design of the viewing platform and the wooden plank road, the wood texture and log color of the plastic wood composite material can be used to enable people to fully experience the closeness to nature, and it is also the embodiment of the perfect combination of artificial beauty and natural beauty.

Application of guardrail
Plastic wood composite material has the characteristics of easy processing, easy modeling and easy maintenance, so it can meet the requirements of modeling diversity in design. In the design of the viewing platform, the color and shape of the guardrail must be consistent with the surrounding environment, and there are strict requirements on the thickness and size of the plastic wood composite material to ensure the safety of users. The design of the guardrail around the building is unified with the style of the building so that the guardrail can be photographed with the surrounding environment. The design of the high-wall guardrail can give people a sense of security. The guardrail here mainly plays a role of separating space, so the size requirements are higher.

Application in garden sketches
Pavilions, corridors, landscape walls, outdoor seats, flower pots, flower stands, etc. are all common landscape sketches in gardens. In addition to considering their practicality when designing landscape sketches, they must also be ornamental in their shapes. Plastic wood composite materials similar to wood texture and color can create a harmonious and comfortable garden atmosphere. In the garden, the landscape wall is not only for people to watch, but also can divide the space and guide. Plastic wood composite materials used in the design of landscape walls can be waterproof, moisture-proof, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant, and not easily damaged. Really play the role of energy saving, environmental protection and economical application. The application of plastic wood composite materials to the design of outdoor seats can make up for the lack of durability of wood and difficult processing of stone. While satisfying people's pursuit of comfort and nature, it can also be durable.

Plastic wood composite materials have certain mechanical strength, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, and anti-moth characteristics, so they are suitable for use in the design of garden buildings. Plastic wood composite materials in garden construction are mainly used in building cover panels, such as service centers, tea rooms, pavilions, and corridors. When plastic wood composite material is applied to house cover, it can be comparable to conventional roof cover profiles. In addition to being easy to form, it can also imitate tile and slate effects, and it is also waterproof, easy to install, and suitable for It is applied to small garden buildings. Due to the continuous development of modern science and technology, the product design and processing technology of plastic wood composite materials are becoming more and more fashionable. Molding technology can be used to process a variety of profiles, thereby saving more labor time. Plastic wood composite materials used in garden construction can not only enrich the shape of the building, but also make the material make decorative patterns similar to the wood grain, which not only meets the requirements of material performance but also meets the needs of people's senses.

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