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What is the difference between bamboo fiber wallboard and wood plastic composite wallboard

Wood plastic composite wallboard is a kind of wood (wood cellulose, plant cellulose) as the basic material, thermoplastic polymer materials (plastics) and processing aids, etc., mixed uniformly and then heated and extruded by mold equipment. The newly developed high-tech, green and environmentally-friendly decorative material has both the performance and characteristics of wood and plastic, and is a new type of composite material that can replace wood and plastic.

Bamboo fiber is made of sawdust, wood chips, bamboo chips and other low-plant biomass fibers as the main material. It uses polymer interface chemistry and the characteristics of plastic filling modification. The entire production process does not contain any glue components, which completely avoids the release of formaldehyde causes harm to the human body. The integrated wall is an integrated whole-house decoration solution proposed for the disadvantages of home decoration pollution and complicated procedures. It is made of bamboo fiber as the main material and extruded under high temperature. In addition to the wallpaper and color patterns of the paint, the surface has a strong three-dimensional effect and a concave-convex surface. It is a replacement product for wallpaper and paint.

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