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Things you don’t know about wood plastic composite

Things you don't know about wood plastic composite
1. What is wood plastic composite
Wood plastic composite is made by mixing wood fiber and plastic through technological processing. After comparative analysis of big data, wood fiber and plastic accounted for more than 90% of wood plastic composite products, and some lubricants and color master batches were added to enhance the toughness of wood plastic composite products.
2. Safety and environmental protection
It can be clearly seen from the composition of the above wood plastic composite products: wood plastic composite products do not add any chemical substances, unlike the use of anti-corrosion wood, you need to worry about the health of yourself or your family. The world is now vigorously addressing environmental issues, and environmental issues also require everyone we live in to do their part. Anticorrosive wood products are made from logs. The large amount of demand before has also caused considerable damage to the environment. Plastic products can be recycled 100% repeatedly and do not cause a burden on the environment.
3. look and feel
Wood plastic composite products are blooming, and they are used in different scenarios: courtyard home improvement, garden design, car interiors, etc. Why can wood plastic composite products easily open these markets? First of all, it is high-value, and the texture comparable to logs is in line with people's pursuit of high-quality life. No one will refuse the same items that can make them feel comfortable. The second is high performance. wood plastic composite products can adjust molecular bonds through different formulations to improve product stability.
4. Future retaliatory development of wood plastic composite industry
The wood plastic composite industry is a new type of industry in recent years. After the initial development period, combined with the general trend of environmental protection, the wood plastic composite industry will begin to explode.

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