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Multifunctionalization of outdoor wood plastic composite gallery

Plastic wood composite outdoor materials are increasingly used in gardening projects, including plastic wood composite corridors, plastic wood composite pavilions, etc. It has a breakthrough in solving the problem of the monotonous appearance of plastic wood composite, and makes the surface of plastic wood composite profiles have a colorful simulation. The wood grain effect is a change from the cold metal surface effect, and is displayed in front of the world with a natural, noble and gorgeous wood grain appearance, thereby enhancing the decorative effect and expanding the product application range.
The plastic wood composite gallery has the characteristics of high strength, easy processing and installation, and fast. It basically maintains the original advantages of plastic wood composite. At the same time, it has the noble and elegant appearance of wood. It can imitate hundreds of precious woods, and the effect reaches the level of realism. The surface of the plastic wood composite profile is smooth and clean, with the effect of natural wood grain, which solves the trouble of painting the wood during the construction and can increase the construction speed. At present, wood plastic composite gallery frames are widely used in gardens, courtyards, public service areas, hotels, outdoor restaurants and other places. It has obvious advantages in terms of functionality, safety, and decoration.
Plastic wood composite gallery is also a construction guarantee facility for urban municipal administration to maintain the cityscape. The plastic wood composite gallery frame is made of polymer materials and has superior weather resistance and can withstand various harsh climates. Whether it is hot or cold or rainy, snowy or windy, the color is stable, not easy to be contaminated by dust and other dirt, and easy to clean and maintain.
The co-extruded plastic wood composite frame products can be disassembled many times and recycled; and the co-extruded wood plastic composite panels and aluminum alloy components can be 100% recycled, reducing the overall investment cost; the plastic wood composite co-extrusion fence panels have extremely strong woody, smooth surface, soft color, beautiful and generous, product color can be adjusted according to customer requirements. Plastic wood composite co-extrusion fence material has excellent weather resistance. It is not deformed, faded, or aging in the sun, wind and rain, and has strong corrosion resistance.

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