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Ways to improve the appearance of PVC plastic wood composite products

Due to the excellent performance of PVC plastic wood composite materials, its applications are becoming more and more extensive, and it has played an important role in the fields of construction, logistics transportation, municipal gardening, vehicle and ship interior decoration, and interior decoration. In recent years, doors and windows, guardrails, plank roads, seats, floors, pallets, wall panels, etc. of PVC plastic wood composite materials have gradually entered people's daily lives. Although PVC plastic wood composite products have a natural woody feel, they are not as good as wood in terms of wood grain and their appearance is restricted to a certain extent. Therefore, research on the imitation wood grain performance of PVC plastic wood composites is carried out to improve PVC plastic wood composite. The appearance performance of the product and the expansion of its application field are of great significance.
Color masterbatch is the material that changes the color of wood-like grain in PVC plastic wood composite materials. To prepare bright and lifelike wood-like products, the preparation of color masterbatch is very important. It is necessary to choose a masterbatch whose heat-resistant temperature is higher than the maximum processing temperature of the product, and its light stability and weather resistance should also be good. After comparison, it is found that when the mass fraction of the masterbatch is ≥5%, the wood grain effect is obvious, the base color is obvious and evenly dispersed, and the texture effect is good. The reason is that the content of color masterbatch is high, which can be dispersed evenly in the matrix; the content of color masterbatch is low, and the content of pigment is too small, basically unable to achieve the effect of imitating wood grain. Therefore, in the actual production process, if you want to make products with good wood grain effects, the content of masterbatch cannot be too small.
The principle of imitation wood grain of PVC plastic wood composite material: During the preparation process, dark textured material and light-colored base material are blended and melted and extruded. Because of the difference in fluidity of the two base materials, during melt extrusion base materials with different color differences will form a fusion interface of different colors, and the processed product will have random natural patterns on its surface or inside, thereby producing a PVC plastic wood composite product close to the natural wood pattern. Therefore, the lubricant content in the masterbatch has an important influence on the color and shape of the wood grain. The amount of lubricant has a greater impact on the melt fluidity and balance torque of the masterbatch, which in turn affects the difference in fluidity between the masterbatch and the base material, thereby affecting the imitation wood grain effect. Therefore, in the production of imitation wood grain products, in the actual production process, if you want to make PVC plastic wood composite products with good wood grain effect, you should reasonably control the content of the color masterbatch and the lubricant content in the color masterbatch.

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