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Ceramic fiber reinforced plastic wood composite profile

Plastic wood composite is a new type of environmentally friendly material in the field of green buildings, so standardizing its inspection and testing methods and improving its performance indicators are of great significance to promote the orderlyization of the plastic wood composite market and promote the application and development of plastic wood composite in green buildings. The application areas of WPC cover construction, decoration, furniture, logistics, municipal administration, gardening and other fields. Products with a wide range of research and application mainly include WPC flooring, WPC decorative panels, WPC templates, WPC decorative strips, WPC pallets, etc. Through the continuous development of material technology, the physical performance indicators of plastic wood composite wallboard have been further improved on the basis of traditional plastic wood composite materials, which can already meet the basic requirements of buildings for the envelope structure, and can be used in civil buildings and general industrial construction projects. The non-load-bearing inner partition wall and outer retaining wall.
Plastic wood composite wallboards are widely used outdoors. Most of these WPC wallboards are prepared on the basis of PE-based plastic resin. Their mechanical properties are average, and the bending strength is about 20 MPa. After installation and use for a period of time, they are prone to cracking and damage. Even quality problems such as breakage. At present, there are two main solutions to these problems: one is to increase the strength of the wallboard by adjusting the amount of auxiliary materials; the other is to increase the thickness of the profile to increase the strength of the wallboard. By adjusting the amount of auxiliary materials added, although the various mechanical properties of WPC wallboard can be enhanced, the increased strength is not enough to meet the market requirements; increasing the thickness of the profile will undoubtedly lead to an increase in the amount of material used and significantly increase the cost of use.
As an inorganic non-metallic material, ceramic fiber has extremely high strength and chemical stability. The polymer matrix composite material filled with ceramic fiber shows good comprehensive performance. Research on ceramic fiber as a filler material to improve the performance of polymer materials is also People are paying more and more attention. Research has been done to prepare high-strength PE-plastic wood composite wallboard by adding ceramic fibers to the plastic wood composite wallboard, and examines the comprehensive mechanical properties of high-strength PE-plastic wood composite wallboard and the influence of ceramic fiber dosage on the properties of composite materials. After a series of experiments, the best formula and related production technology of high-strength plastic wood composite wallboard have been determined.
The mechanism of ceramic fiber reinforced plastic wood composite profile is: ceramic fiber will be dispersed into several ceramic fiber rods during the mixing process, ceramic fiber rods and wood powder particles will produce a large number of wood fiber microfilaments due to friction during processing. Fiber microfilaments and ceramic fiber rods are entangled with each other; in addition, linear polyethylene molecular chains and ceramic fiber rods are entangled with each other to form a hollow three-dimensional structure. Wood powder particles and CaCO3 are filled in the gaps to maximize the use of ceramic fibers. The enhancement effect of the composite material reflects the coupling effect of the composite material. The interface compatibility between ceramic fiber, wood fiber and plastic matrix is ​​greatly enhanced, and the ceramic fiber is evenly distributed in the PE resin, thereby significantly improving the mechanical properties of the plastic wood composite profile in all directions.

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