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The Main Characteristics Of Wood Plastic Co-extrusion Flooring

Wood plastic co-extrusion floor refers to a kind of floor produced by extrusion molding technology. The surface of this floor is evenly and firmly covered with a co-extrusion layer. The floor produced by this technology has the characteristics of traditional wood plastic floor. Advantages, there are more powerful wear resistance, scratch resistance, corrosion resistance and weather resistance characteristics.

Seven Trust wood plastic co-extrusion flooring is also the preferred flooring material in some places. Let’s take a look at the main characteristics of wood plastic co-extrusion flooring.

First, waterproof and moisture-proof.

Waterproof and moisture-proof may be the most important feature of wood plastic co-extrusion flooring right? Because plastic is the main material for manufacturing this floor, it has the main characteristics of plastic. It also has the texture of wood, so some people who don't understand now mistakenly think it is pure wood flooring after seeing this kind of floor.

Second, anti-insect and antiseptic.

Some pure wooden floors are very bitten by insects like termites, especially in some southern areas where pure solid wood is used to pave the floor. Riga is worried that termites will be eaten by termites. Every year, they have to fight drugs to repel termites. And if you use the co-extrusion floor produced by Seven Trust's wood plastic factory, you don't have to worry about this problem, because the main material is plastic, and termites will not eat this material at all.

The floor of this material is also anti-corrosion. Some people's pure solid wood floors will decay when exposed to water for a long time. Therefore, usually wipe them as soon as there is a little water, and the fear is that the solid wood floors will rot. Today's wood plastic co-extrusion flooring avoids this worry.

In addition, wood plastic co-extrusion flooring also has the characteristics of diverse colors, strong plasticity, and environmental protection and pollution-free. And this kind of floor can be removed and moved together when you move, and you can continue to use it in your new home. This re-use feature is also a highlight of this floor.

After reading the main content of wood plastic co-extrusion flooring, do you have a new understanding of wood plastic co-extrusion flooring? If you want to buy satisfactory wood plastic co-extrusion flooring, come to Seven Trust to buy it.

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