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The Difference Between Co-extruded Plastic Wood Flooring And Conventional Generation Plastic Wood Flooring

Now there are the second generation of co-extruded plastic wood flooring and the first generation of co-extruded plastic wood flooring. Some people may think they are the same. However, this view is wrong. Although they are all co-extruded wood plastic floors, there are certain differences between the two. Today, I will take you to talk about the difference between co-extruded plastic wood flooring and conventional generation plastic wood flooring.

The second generation of co-extrusion plastic wood flooring is produced using the most advanced extrusion molding technology in the industry. The surface of the wood plastic is evenly and firmly covered with a co-extrusion layer. Plastic wood flooring produced by this new technology not only retains the advantages of traditional plastic wood's anti-mold, insect-proof and other physical properties, but also has stronger wear resistance, scratch resistance, stain resistance and weather resistance, and is more beautiful and durable.

Experimental data proves that the wear resistance and scratch resistance of co-extruded plastic wood flooring is more than five times stronger than that of the first-generation plastic wood, which can effectively prevent damage caused by hard objects abrasion, and is especially suitable for crowded occasions. In addition, the solid outer layer of the product can effectively resist the penetration of colored liquids and oily liquids, making the plastic wood surface very easy to clean, and it will last forever. This outer layer can improve the resistance of the plastic wood floor to sunlight, rain, snow, acid rain and sea water, so that the plastic wood floor has a long service life.

The color and texture of the co-extruded plastic wood floor are more realistic and lasting, with rich changes and different shades. Therefore, co-extruded plastic wood flooring brings high practical value, ornamental value and aesthetic enjoyment to users. It is the best environmental protection used in parks, greenways, seaside resorts, waterside pavements, decks, home outdoor facilities, etc. Material.

The co-extruded plastic wood floor also has a co-extruded protective layer. The protective layer of the co-extruded plastic wood floor uses a unique formula to create a clear wood grain and natural color. Scratch and stain resistant. In crowded areas, it can effectively prevent scratches caused by crowds and hard objects, and can withstand various harsh tests of nature. The protective layer is produced and formed at the same time as the plate without separation.

The above content is the difference between co-extruded plastic wood flooring and conventional generation plastic wood flooring. Now everyone understands that there is a difference between the two.

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