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Introduction To Wood Plastic Co-extrusion Technology

With the continuous development of the times, wood plastic has gradually become a favorite material for people, and wood plastic coextrusion has also appeared in people's sight. Today we are mainly talking about the introduction to wood plastic coextrusion technology, let's look down.

Co-extrusion refers to an extrusion process in which two (or more than two) materials are formed by a plastic extruder at one time. The performance of its products is obviously better than that of a single material. It takes the advantages of two (or more than two) materials into full play, so as to achieve the purpose of improving material performance and making up for the shortcomings of a single material. Compared with traditional wood plastics, wood plastic products produced by co-extrusion technology overcome the fatal defects of traditional wood plastics such as fading, mildew and cracking. Its advantages are as follows:

1. It has better surface decoration effect (wood grain, wood feel, metal effect);

2. Excellent wear resistance, high surface hardness and not easy to scratch;

3. Lower water absorption;

4. Excellent resistance to mildew;

5. Better performance (tensile strength, bending strength);

6. The service life is greatly extended.

Therefore, wood plastic co-extrusion technology has become a major trend in the development of the industry. Wood plastic co-extrusion materials have been fully affirmed and promoted in the European and American markets.

At present, the varieties of wood plastic co-extrusion mainly include the following varieties: PE/PE, PVC/PVC, PE/SURLYN, PVC/ASA, etc. PE/PE co-extrusion and PVC/PVC co-extrusion, as co-extrusion of the same material, cannot improve the performance of the material itself, but partially improve the decoration effect of the product surface. The PE/SURLYN production process is still immature, and the product is not satisfactory. PVC/ASA co-extrusion technology can completely solve the fading and cracking problems of PVC wood plastic materials, especially the SAWP wood plastic coated co-extrusion material has excellent wear resistance and scratch resistance, and the surface has rich wood grain, wood feel and metal effect.

The following descriptions are given below on some of the issues of general concern in the process of wood plastic co-extrusion:

1. The problem of cost increase after wood plastic co-extrusion

Many manufacturers worry that the cost of co-extrusion products will increase. We have carefully calculated and calculated. Taking wood plastic flooring as an example, the direct cost will increase by about 1100 yuan/ton due to the co-extrusion technology. In the formula, the originally added anti-UV and other additives and toner can be reduced, and the proportion of wood powder added can be appropriately increased, which can reduce the cost by 500 yuan/ton. Therefore, in the entire cost, the cost increase of the co-extrusion process will not exceed 600 yuan. /Ton, only about 15 yuan per square meter of wood plastic floor.

2. Concerns about production technology

As a mature process, co-extrusion technology has been developed in many industries in China for more than ten years, and it has been fully mature in terms of equipment, mold matching or material formulas and processes. In order to develop and improve the wood plastic co-extrusion technology, Shanghai Seven Trust has purchased a complete set of special co-extrusion equipment. It has rich and skilled operating experience and can provide a complete set of technical support. After-sales service engineers can guide and solve various problems encountered in production and consumption. People do not have to worry about it.

3. Quality improvement after co-extrusion

The wood plastic coated co-extrusion material adopts high weather resistance and wear-resistant resin, and after modification, it can meet the harsh weather conditions such as high temperature, high humidity, high cold, anti-fungus, anti-ultraviolet, and corrosion resistance, while providing a surface with rich colors and wood grain effects Effect. Especially suitable for some special environments, such as riverside lakes, beaches, outdoor buildings, garden facilities, scenic spots, etc. It is precisely because of the adoption of co-extrusion technology that the service life of wood plastic products has been greatly increased, and it has made a great contribution to beautifying the environment.

Introduction to wood plastic co-extrusion technology, we know that after the co-extrusion of wood plastic flooring, its advantages have increased a lot, meeting the needs of consumers, which is why the development of wood plastic co-extrusion flooring has become more and more in recent years Good reason.

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