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Prospect the application of wood plastic composite floor in bathroom decoration

In the global market, ecological wood plastic composite flooring is mixed in quality, good and bad, mixed with fish eyes and other phenomena in the city, and the global ecological wood plastic composite flooring related standards have not yet reached the fully waterproof standard, especially for the application of ecological wood plastic composite flooring in bathrooms. The bathroom is the most damp place and the place with the largest water storage capacity. If you want the bathroom to also be used for the paving of ecological wood plastic composite floor, then you must pay more attention to the density and waterproof function of the ecological wood floor, and it is not easy to deform under the premise of damp , cocked, etc. Under normal circumstances, home decoration bathroom floor laying options, almost all ceramic tiles. The superior performance of ceramic tiles lies in its waterproof properties, but it is also prone to ground slippage.

With the improvement of people's living standards, bathroom decoration is getting hotter. In the selection of bathroom floor materials, people are accustomed to using glazed tiles, ceramic floor tiles, etc., for waterproofing and cleaning. However, in modern decoration, returning to nature has gradually become fashionable. Can the bathroom floor be covered with wooden floors? This issue is getting more and more attention.

Through market research, it is found that in people’s habitual consciousness, wooden floors should not be used on bathroom floors. The main reason is that people feel that wooden floors are easily deformed after being damp, and maintenance is troublesome. Now, because of the wood plastic composite floor, it is more common to have ecological wood plastic composite floor on the floor of the family bathroom. Because the ecological wood plastic composite floor does not have the chill of glazed tiles, it brings people a warm and elegant feeling. Ecological wood plastic composite flooring for toilets requires high production technology for manufacturers.

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