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Common problems of wood plastic composite material products

Common problems of wood plastic composite material products

Wood plastic composite materials are also called: plastic wood composite, environmentally friendly wood, technical wood, reclaimed wood, plastic beautiful wood or poly wood, commonly known as WPC in the industry.

1.What is WPC? What occasions is WPC used for?

Wood plastic composite is a kind of building material formed by extruding plastic and wood fiber in a certain proportion. Due to the combination of plastic water resistance and corrosion resistance and wood texture, it has become a material for outdoor building materials (floors, fences, chairs and benches or waterfront landscapes, etc.)

2.What colors are available for WPC and do I need paint?

Unlike wood, wood plastic composite does not require paint to have a variety of colors to choose from (sometimes the difference in color will affect the price). And because of the special molding process of wood plastic composite, there is no discoloration problem in it.

3.Will wood plastic compositefade?

Yes. Plastic wood composite exposed to sunlight and humidity will fade slightly after 10 to 12 weeks.

4.Is wood plastic composite more burnable than wood?

Wood plastic composite profile is a C-level building material, and its burning condition is similar to that of wood. After the combustion characteristic experiment, wood plastic composite is not more burnable than wood. The burning temperature of wood plastic composite needs to reach 86 degrees.

5.Is quarantine required during export? Is fumigation required? Is special certification document required?

No, unlike natural wood, due to the special process and formula of wood plastic composite, it is a fumigation-free product when exported and does not require any special certification documents.

6.Is wood plastic compositemade of recycled materials?

Yes. Wood plastic composite is processed using recycled plastic and natural plant fibers such as waste wood chips or rice bran as materials.

7.What is the difference between wood plastic compositeand plastic wood composite?

Unlike plastic wood composite (plastic wood composite is made of 100% plastic), wood plastic composite is made of plastic and wood chips in a ratio of approximately 1:1. Because of the natural fiber composition, wood plastic composite has better UV resistance and lower thermal expansion and contraction performance, and it is easy to process like wood.

8.What is the service life of wood plastic compositeprofiles?

According to the information, the life of wood plastic composite can reach 25 years under normal use conditions.

9. How long is the service life of wood plastic composite outdoors?

Wood plastic composite is widely used outdoors, and most of it is used in crowded public places. It is always tested by the flow of people and the environment. In this high-density occasion, the life of wood plastic composite can reach 5 years. When used in private places or In areas with low traffic, the life span of wood plastic composite can be as long as 10 years.

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