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The development demand and current situation

The development demand and current situation

Plastic wood composite panels are made of wood fibers and recycled plastics. Wood fibers are derived from recycled wood chips, pulp fibers or other materials, such as bamboo, straw, wood, etc., which account for 30% to 65% of the board quality. These materials must be ground into very small sizes and dried to 0.5% moisture content, mixed with recyclable or unrecyclable plastics, and under the action of additives and auxiliaries, the mixed materials are molded or extruded into specific product shapes.

Plastic wood composite panels can be made into any shape and size, either hollow or solid, or can contain complex patterns like curves. Plastic wood composite panels have been booming in China in recent years. Depending on the plastic materials and manufacturing processes, they can be used for both interior decoration and outdoor building materials. In North America, they are usually used as outdoor decks and railings. In Europe, it is used as an automobile part.

Plastic wood composite board is a relatively new material, with good moisture resistance, dimensional stability, durability, and corrosion resistance. Due to its excellent physical properties, wood plastic board eliminates a lot of post-maintenance and only requires regular cleaning. can. Even in the direct sunlight outdoors, the panel will not show obvious fading.

Plastic wood composite panels can be widely used in personal residences (such as decks, railings, outdoor furniture, garden wood) and commercial products (such as benches, sheds, exterior windows and door frames in parks).

People are studying to improve the plastic parts of wood plastic composite products and use them in the automotive field to improve the automotive manufacturing environment. The new technology can increase the strength of plastics at the molecular level while reducing the overall weight of plastic wood composite products, but requires less wood fiber (30%-40% of the finished product). However, most of the current demand for WPC panels still comes from the construction and repair of family housing, commercial and municipal projects, so most WPC panels are still used as decorative materials and building materials.

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