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The Reason For The Cracking Of The Floor Paint Film Leading To The Cracking Of The Wooden Floor

Solid wood flooring has always been favored by many consumers. However, the deformation, bubbling, cracking, and wrinkling of solid wood flooring also add a lot of worries to consumers.

In daily life, wooden floors may crack after being used for a long time, but there are many reasons for cracking. Today we will analyze the reason for the cracking of the floor paint film leading to the cracking of the wooden floor.

Small cracks appear on the paint surface of the floor. In severe cases, the paint film will peel off. It is mostly caused by moisture on the floor or poor paintability of the material itself, but it is not unrelated to the quality of the paint and the construction process. Many uneven ridge marks are formed on the surface of the paint film, and even cracks. Affect the smooth and bright surface of the paint film.

For solid wood flooring, the expansion of the floor should be calculated based on the wood shrinkage coefficient, the width of the floor, and the change in the moisture content of the floor in the region. The gaps should be reserved reasonably, and sometimes blind installations are often used, resulting in insufficient gaps reserved for the floor and cracks on the board surface problem.

The reason for the cracking of the floor paint film leading to the cracking of the wooden floor:

1. The surface dries quickly and the coating film is not evenly dried;

2. If the coating is too thick at one time, only the surface will dry quickly, and the inside cannot be dried at the same time, the lower layer is loose and the upper layer is tight;

3. The lower coating is not completely dry, that is, the upper layer is applied;

4. upper and lower layers of paint are not used;

5. The primer is not completely dried, and the dissolving power of the thinner of the topcoat is too strong, causing the primer to swell;

6. The amount of curing agent added is too small;

7. If the coating film was not sufficiently polished in the previous time, the next coating should be carried out.

Preventive measure:

1. Use a slow-drying diluent and a solvent with appropriate dissolving power.

2. Divide the coating into two or more times, and let the solvent fully volatilize during each spraying time.

3. After the lower film is fully dried, apply it again.

4. Use paint with the same properties to avoid softer paint on the lower layer.

5. Avoid applying too thickly, and the bottom layer must be completely dry before applying the top coat.

6. Appropriately increase the amount of curing agent added.

7. Polymeric dry film, sanding should be as full as possible after drying.


1. For a small amount, touch up paint and wax appropriately.

2. In severe cases, the paint can only be polished.

3. When the number of blocks is small, they can be partially replaced.

Friends who have wooden floors at home quickly check the wooden floors. You can also follow the above methods to prevent them.

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