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Application of plastic wood composite in automobiles

Application of plastic wood composite in automobiles

The requirements for the rear side trim of the car are high, not only to increase the luxury and comfort of the car, but also to have excellent flame retardant, stain resistance, and high color fastness. At the same time, it is also required to reduce the noise in the car and the heat conduction inside and outside the car and other functions. Different grades and models of cars have different requirements for the rear trim. Luxury high-end cars have higher requirements for safety and comfort than mid-level and ordinary cars. The high-end rear trim fabrics are mostly flocked fabrics , such as cotton and wool blending, special cotton flannel, synthetic chemical fiber, plush or chemical fiber carpet, etc., the pile fabric can have different colors and uneven patterns; and it is required that the rear side trim after processing has good abrasion resistance and tear resistance, and high stability of the finished product and rich elasticity, smooth suede, three-dimensional surface, stable size of the finished product, not easy to deform, and better sound insulation, so as to improve comfort.

The frame layer on the back of the car’s rear trim panel is mainly made of plastic wood composite material. The plastic wood composite material organically combines plant fiber and plastic, taking into account the dual characteristics of plant fiber and plastic, and not only has excellent physical properties and thermoplastic properties. Processability, easy to shape, and recyclable, also biodegradable, and environmentally friendly.

With the development of automobiles in the direction of environmental protection, light weight, and comfort, plastic wood composite substrate automobile rear side trim panels have become more and more mainstream. However, plastic wood composite substrates also have certain shortcomings: the elongation at break is low, and it is difficult to form products with large deformation; after the mass fraction of wood powder exceeds 50%, there are problems such as a large decline in mechanical properties. Due to the above characteristics of plastic wood composite materials, in the face of strong competition from other organic materials, in order to maintain and expand the application in the field of automotive trim, continuous improvement of mechanical properties is the main research and development direction in the future.

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