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Will Wood Plastic Products Fade

Wood plastic profiles are a new type of material that has become more prosperous in the market in recent years. Many people don’t know much about wood plastic profiles. Growth will have troubles such as fading. So today I will explain to you will wood plastic products fade.

Wood plastic products are the introduction of cutting-edge technology from international green wood. Additives and stabilizers are added to the inside and outside of the product and the color. In order to prevent the problem of discoloration caused by long time, the surface of the product is specially made. Layer UV treatment to prevent ultraviolet radiation, can be used effectively for up to 20 years, long-term use outdoors will fade a little, but it will never affect the visual beauty. It can be said that ecological wood is better than other building materials That is, it is incomparable to other products. Customers do not have to worry about the fading of ecological wood and wood plastic products.

In addition, wood plastic products are derived from wood and are better than wood, and are more environmentally friendly and healthier than logs. In the first year when the installation is just completed, the color of the product will lighten by 5-10%, and there will be no significant change in the color in the following 15-20 years. On the other hand, the wood product has always been in the entire use process. Color changes.

If you use it outdoors and are afraid of fading, and don’t know whether to use wood plastic or preservative wood, you don’t have to worry about it. The probability of discoloration of wood plastic is very small. The reason why layer varnish is used outdoors is based on this. If you want to keep the color longer, because the outdoor has to be exposed to wind, rain and sun and insects, this anti-corrosion wood has no advantage. Wood plastic is a one-time molding. In this regard, it can be seen that wood plastic is indeed better than anti-corrosion wood. It will deepen and fade, which is basically the case of all materials. No paint, after all, is a synthetic organic material, because anti-corrosion wood is a surface paint. A protective effect, this is unavoidable, and it must be adapted to local conditions. Compared with anti-corrosion wood, the fading of wood plastic is quite small. Of course, wood plastic has good stability and water resistance, but this will also affect the quality of wood plastic. colour!

The above is the introduction about will wood plastic products fade. If you want to know more information about wood plastic products, please pay attention Seven Trust, I will answer you more questions about wood plastic products.

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