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How To Detect The Performance Of Laminated Wood Plastic Flooring

Wood plastic flooring is a commonly used floor in our lives. It has many properties, so how to detect the performance of laminated wood plastic flooring?

Divided into the following ten points

1. Surface wear-resistant revolutions: The wear-resistance of the reinforced wood plastic floor is determined by the surface wear-resistant layer and is expressed by the wear-resistant revolutions. Generally, it is about 6000 rpm for household use, and about 10,000 rpm in public. Nowadays, there are four main types of wear-resistant layers for reinforced wood plastic floors on the market: floors with a content of aluminum oxide per square meter of about 30g have a wear resistance of about 4000 revolutions; abrasion resistance of about 38g is about 5000 revolutions; The wear resistance with a content of about 44g is about 9000 revolutions; the wear resistance with a content of about 62g is about 18000 revolutions.

2. Free formaldehyde content: Strengthened wood plastic flooring contains a certain amount of formaldehyde in the adhesive. Excessive formaldehyde is harmful to the human body. If the human body is exposed to a high-concentration environment of formaldehyde for a long time, there will be a risk of cancer. China has issued a mandatory standard for the air formaldehyde concentration in public places, which stipulates that it should not exceed guo0.12mg/m3. According to national regulations, the formaldehyde content of reinforced wood plastic flooring shall not exceed 30mg/100g, preferably below 9mg/100g.

3. Water absorption thickness expansion rate: The higher the index, the easier the floor will expand. The state stipulates that this indicator is within 2%.

4. Internal bonding strength: It reflects the quality of the bonding between the internal fibers of the base material. The greater the strength, the tighter the bonding between the layers of the wood floor. The national stipulation that this indicator should reach more than 1Map.

5. The surface is resistant to cigarette burning: Put the cigarette on the wood plastic floor to see if there are cracks, dark spots, and blisters on the surface. If there is no surface, the floor has better flame retardancy.

6. Floor density: The higher the density, the better the mechanical properties of the product and the better the impact resistance. But under the same conditions, the swelling rate of the water absorption thickness is too large, and the dimensional stability is worse; in addition, the higher the density, the higher the product cost.

7. Static bending strength and elastic modulus: These two are important indicators reflecting the mechanical strength of the product, which are mainly determined by the quality of wood and gluing, and ultimately reflected in the anti-destructive ability of the floor tongue and groove combination. The higher the index, the resistance of the floor to external bending. The better the folding strength.

8. Surface scratch resistance: The surface scratch resistance reflects the product's ability to resist sharp and hard objects. The higher the surface scratch resistance value, the stronger the ability to resist sharp and hard objects.

9. Surface impact resistance: This indicator can be self-tested by consumers. A heavy ball falls on the surface of the product. If there are obvious surface depressions, the surface impact resistance will be poor.

10. Peel resistance: This indicator reflects the bonding quality between the surface decorative layer of the wood-plastic floor and the substrate. If the bonding quality is poor, the decorative layer will peel off after the product is used for a period of time. Choosing flooring: cheap and careful. Generally speaking, the price of mid-range laminated wood plastic flooring is more than 100 yuan. Those that include baseboards, installation fees, and auxiliary materials are only priced at 60 or 70 yuan per square meter. , The quality is hard to say. Some unscrupulous merchants cut the melamine decorative board which does not contain a wear-resistant layer at all, and processed it into a so-called "laminated floor". The wear-resistant speed is only a few hundred or one or two thousand, and the surface layer of the floor will be worn off after a short time.

The above is the main method of how to detect the performance of laminated wood plastic flooring. If you want to know the performance of your home's wood plastic floor, then quickly test it.

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