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Wood Plastic Flower Box

With the economic development and the acceleration of urbanization process, urban building density and floor area rate is getting higher and higher, and it is more difficult to keep reasonable green land. In order to improve the urban ecological environment, the development of urban green form diversity, to solve the traditional green form of land occupation and planting conditions, mobile greening came into being. Its decorative landscaping is simple, called "movable garden".

Because it can quickly form scenes, combine scenes, and adapt to the requirements of urban greening in large areas and small areas, it has received more and more attention and promotion in urban gardening and greening, and it may become the main theme of urban greening in the future. So at present, the more prosperous one on the market is the wood plastic flower box.

Wood plastic, as the name suggests, is a combination of solid wood and plastic. It not only maintains the affinity of solid wood flooring, but also has good moisture resistance, water resistance, acid and alkali resistance, fungus resistance, antistatic, and insect resistance. It itself is processed and produced using wood chips, straw waste plastic and other wastes. It embodies the concept of social green and environmental protection. The flower box made of wood plastic has the advantages of waterproof, sun-proof, insect-proof, and long service life without maintenance.

The wood plastic flower box is a garden decoration technique relative to traditional open-field planting. It uses an appropriate carrier, combined with the garden color aesthetics and decorative greening principles, and through a reasonable plant configuration, the decorative function of the plant is extended from the plane to the Space, forming a facade or three-dimensional decorative effect, is a greening technique integrating gardening, engineering, environmental art and other disciplines.

Nowadays, wood plastic flower boxes are not only environmentally friendly, good quality, but also beautiful, and they are favored by many people.

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