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How To Store Wood Plastic Materials

Wood plastic materials are very popular now. Wood plastic materials are plates or profiles produced by using recycled materials to mix some waste plant fibers into new wood materials, and then through plastic processing techniques such as extrusion, molding, and injection molding. Wood plastic materials are used in many fields in life. Everyone knows that its quality and performance are very good. However, no matter how good wood plastic materials do not store them well, their service life is inevitably short. So today's question is how to store wood plastic materials.

How to store wood plastic materials

1. Compared with ordinary wood, wood plastic profile has a heavier proportion and less toughness than wood, so be careful when using it. When lifting a profile with a volume similar to wood, we need to spend more effort and pay more attention when handling it, because improper force will cause the wood plastic to be broken.

2. When wood plastic materials are stored on the construction site, they must be placed on a flat ground so that the profiles will not be broken due to improper placement.

3. When stacking profiles, they should be placed from both ends of the joists, and the center distance between two adjacent joists should not be greater than 60 cm. The joists should be arranged perpendicular to the profile.

4. Wood plastic materials should be packed in whole bundles when stacked outdoors, and the wood plastic floor should be stacked flat to prevent deformation in the sun.

5. Since the friction coefficient of wood plastic is not as high as that of hardwood floors, it is not allowed to consign on wood plastic boards during transportation, so as to barely damage the surface of the floor.

Please pay attention to friends who buy wood plastic materials, remember the above points, and protect your wood plastic materials, so that when you use them, the life of the wood plastic products will be longer and the quality will be better.

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