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Outdoor Wood Plastic Pavilion Is In An Awkward Position In The Use Of Park Municipal Engineering

From the perspective of the market environment, the current outdoor pavilions used in some parks and municipal projects are roughly as follows: pavilions made of cement concrete, pavilions made of solid wood materials, pavilions made of metal profiles, and pavilions made of wood like plastic.

Then why just say that the outdoor wood plastic pavilion is in an awkward position in the use of the park municipal engineering. What is the reason?

The pavilions made of the above different types of materials have their own advantages and disadvantages. According to their economy, durability, and beauty of the landscape, the use of each project in each project is based on different focus considerations.

At present, the market occupies a relatively large position is still the pavilion made of solid wood materials. This is due to the closeness of the human body to solid wood materials. Compared with solid wood materials, the other types of pavilions are slightly inferior in terms of human body feel. There are also many types of wood, so from an economic point of view, the cost of the pavilion is huge. This also leads to the preference for the pavilion made of solid wood materials in these projects, because no matter how much the cost is from party a, You can find matching wood for processing to make a solid wood pavilion.

In terms of generality, the timeliness of maintenance of such products in parks, municipalities, scenic spots and other locations is often lagging behind in daily work, but for solid wood outdoor products, timely paint maintenance is crucial important. This conflict often leads to the failure of outdoor wooden pavilions to consistently output good performance and landscape performance.

When most practitioners already know the performance of outdoor wooden products, the pavilion made of wood plastic material has a natural embarrassing status. The original choice of wood plastic materials is considered to be the starting point for the improvement of the material, and its weatherability and aging resistance are expected to be higher. In addition, the cost of making wood plastic pavilions is at least twice as expensive as that of ordinary solid wood materials. Therefore, the wood plastic pavilions is even more expected. Although the shape and landscape effect of the wood plastic gazebo remain durable, the practitioners at the time did not notice it.

Such repeated cycles make that from the current market situation, there are very few gazebos specializing in wood plastic materials. However, those who use wood plastic pavilions in a small amount do not have overall considerations, and they do not start from the overall consideration of material performance and design and development. This often results in wood plastic gazebos that are far from reaching the original expectations. The pavilion made of wood plastic is very skeptical. This is very unfavorable to the promotion and application of wood plastic pavilions.

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