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Wood plastic material for use in the pool?

Currently, outdoor wooden floors, wooden squares, swimming pools, and the like have gradually become a stylish symbol. At present, the market is roughly divided into anti-corrosion floor, carbonized wood flooring and plastic flooring. Different outdoor floors have different characteristics. So what is the material of the outdoor floor? How is wood-plastic floor? Can I use a wood-plastic floor? Let's take a look!

What is the material of the outdoor floor?

Carbon (carbon) wood is to place a wood in a relatively closed environment, and a wood having a portion of carbonization characteristics is taken in a relatively closed environment.

The anti-corrosion wood is a preservative penetration and cured wood with wood with wood with wood to prevent anti-labor fungus decay function, biological infringement function.

1, wood plastic floor

Advantages: durable, aging, long life, good stability, no cracking, no warpage, waterproof, anti-mildew, anti-corrosion, anti-insect, antibacterial, high temperature resistance.

Disadvantages: The texture is brittle, the toughness is not enough, and the impact resistance is not strong, and the external temperature difference is easily expanded and contracted.

2, anti-corrosion floor

Advantages: anti-corrosion, mildew, anti-mite, anti-laster ants, waterproof, good permeability, strong anti-loss, can meet various design requirements.

Disadvantages: Production of anti-corrosion wood needs to add preservatives, slight chemical odor, color uneven color, large color difference.

3, carbonized wood floor

Advantages: anti-corrosion, antibiotics, low water content, not easy to absorb water, good heat insulation, color, easy to paint, no special odor, anti-deformation, anti-deformed crack, high temperature resistance.

Disadvantages: The color is deeper, and the other floors are bright and bright, more brittle, and the touch is not soft and comfortable.

How is wood-plastic floor? Plastic wood flooring moisture anti-corrosion, not mold, sunshine, rain, not cracking, very suitable for outdoor, like scenic spots, park trails, terraces, swimming pool this scene.

How to maintain wood plastic floor

1,Although the wood-plastic board is excellent in waterproof and mildew performance, it still needs to be maintained in daily life, and do not let large amounts of water directly in contact with the floor.

2,When cleaning, be careful not to let the sandpaper, grinder or metal tools cleaned the wood-plastic flooring.

3, when cleaning, you can use the rag to pick up the molar water directly, and spray it evenly on the wooden floor. After 5-10 minutes, wipe it clean.

4,For some special stains, such as paint, ink, etc., it can be cleaned with dedicated destined oils.

The environment of the swimming is a problem. Wet problems have always been the problem of swimming house operators, and the indoor pool is constantly evaporating due to water in the pool, causing the indoor air relative humidity, so the pool flooring material often should be cautious, what materials do it?

Traditional anti-corrosion wood will have discoloration after a long time, and the black is black, which has an effect on the appearance of the floor, and does not slip, and there is a safety hazard in the pool. The plastic wood material has the characteristics of waterproof and moisture, and it is faster in metastasis, so it is the most suitable in the swimming pool.

The appearance of plastic wood flooring can generally be divided into three kinds of wood grain, light surface and tanks, which are more suitable for the floor of the grooved side in the pool. The grooved design makes the surface surface anti-slip effect. When people come from the pool, they are generally light, and they are not afraid of wrestling on the slotted floor.

In addition to the difference in the appearance, the plastic floor has a hollow and solid difference. It is generally used in the swimming pool. Choosing the solid and more durable, the pool is moist, the hollow floor is prone to the phenomenon of floor water, which affects the floor. Life. The solid floor is used not only strong, but the moisture is not easy to enter the floor inside, so that the floor life is longer.

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