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Co-extruded plastic wood composite

Co-extruded plastic wood composite

With the continuous improvement of modern technology, a new generation of plastic wood composite materials co-extruded plastic wood composite was born in the market demand. The surface of co-extruded plastic wood composite is evenly and firmly covered with a co-extruded layer. In addition to the physical properties of traditional wood such as mildew and moth, it also has stronger abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, stain resistance and weather resistance. The appearance is more in line with people's aesthetics and more durable.

The co-extrusion layer can effectively prevent damage caused by scratches on hard objects. It is especially suitable for occasions with a large flow of people. It can effectively resist the penetration of colored liquids and oily liquids, making the plastic wood composite surface easy to clean and lasting. It can effectively prevent the erosion of sunlight, rain, snow, acid rain and sea water, so that plastic wood composite has an extremely long service life.

The color and texture of co-extruded plastic wood composite are more realistic and lasting, with various changes, and shades, which bring users very high practical value, ornamental value and aesthetic enjoyment. It is suitable for parks, greenways, seaside resorts, waterside planks, and decks. And other excellent environmental protection materials.

In order to cope with the harsh outdoor environment, the material must have many different characteristics: the surface is hard enough, wear-resistant, anti-ultraviolet, anti-aging, and at the same time tough, not easy to break, not easy to break, heat and sound insulation, remote areas and high-rise buildings or ground buildings also need to be lighter, reducing labor intensity and the load on the building itself.

The co-extruded plastic wood composite surface is rich in color, natural and smooth wood feel, durable and non-fading, simple and heavy, giving people a feeling of change, ups and downs, and life movement, which is pleasing to the eye. Express the harmony between life and rhythm. These natural textures will never get tired of and endure for a long time. This is a memory and a warmth.

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