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Thermoplasticity of plastic wood composites

Thermoplasticity of plastic wood composites

Global resources are increasingly depleted and the awareness of social environmental protection is increasing. As an environmentally friendly material, plastic wood composite materials have begun to be used in large quantities. Plastic wood materials can give full play to their advantages in outdoor environments and are acceptable in terms of price. The affordable price and superior quality are also one of the reasons for the popularity.

The plastic wood composite material is a modified thermoplastic material, which is made by processing methods such as wood fiber or plant fiber filling, reinforcement, hot pressing composite material, and melt extrusion.

Global resources continue to shrink, placing higher demands on the application of wood and petrochemical products. In this case, plastic wood composite materials can not only give play to the advantages of the material itself, but also overcome the limitations of ordinary wood due to its low strength, large variability and low elastic modulus of organic materials. It can also make full use of waste wood and Plastic reduces the pressure on the environment.

At present, more and more products that increase the added value of materials are being paid attention to. Current research hotspots are mainly focused on thermoplastics and wood powder, such as polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polystyrene (PS) and wood powder, plant straw powder, plant seed shells, etc.

As materials, composite materials of extrusion, injection, and compression molding. From the point of view of materials, the materials of plastic wood composite materials can be used for various waste plastics, waste wood and crop residues. Therefore, the development and wide application of plastic wood composite materials can help reduce the pollution of plastic waste, and also help reduce the environmental pressure caused by the incineration of agricultural waste.

The production and use of plastic wood composite materials will not affect the surrounding environment, nor emit volatile substances harmful to human health. The material itself can also be recycled. It is also a brand-new green environmental protection product and ecological clean environmental protection material. Therefore, the research on the preparation and processing of plastic wood composite materials has huge economic and environmental benefits.

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