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Is wood plastic composite flooring environmentally friendly

When buying things in ordinary times, whenever they hear "plastic" or related words, many people first feel that this product is not environmentally friendly and should be used sparingly. Is the wood plastic composite floor really innocent? Is it environmentally friendly?

The material used for wood plastic composite flooring is wood plastic composite material, and wood plastic composite is mainly composed of plastic and wood powder. Generally speaking, wood flour produced by regular manufacturers is non-toxic. Plastics are recycled and reused. Although plastics contain bromide for modification (hazardous gases are generated during incineration), plastics processed through normal procedures are also non-toxic.

However, some stabilizers, flame retardants, and antioxidants are used in the production of wood plastic composite flooring. These additives may contain some toxic substances, but if the quality is good, it will not cause harm to the human body.

In other words, the wood plastic composite floor ring is not environmentally friendly. It mainly depends on whether the way you buy is formal and whether the quality of the selected product is qualified. If the product quality is good, wood plastic composite floor is a more environmentally friendly building material.

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