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Does wood plastic composite solid floor contain pollutants

Although many fields have begun to pay attention to the installation and application of wood plastic composite flooring, many users do not know much about wood plastic composite materials. The following is a brief introduction to the production of wood plastic composite materials. In the production of wood plastic composite flooring, it is necessary to add materials such as wood powder and additives. The materials will be added to the mixing operation process in a certain proportion, and granular materials are produced through mixing. Then these materials need to be further processed to determine the shape of the board. Therefore, the production method is different from that of general wood panels, and the addition of chemical reagents is also strictly controlled during the production process.
When people choose decorative materials, they worry that too many additives will affect people's health. The use of wood plastic composite floors allows people to avoid these problems, because wood plastic composite materials are a good environmentally friendly material, and they will not be used during installation. Will bear the burden and impact on the surrounding environment, is also an environmentally friendly product, the material can be recycled without causing waste.
When making wood plastic composite solid flooring, no toxic and harmful chemicals such as benzene will be added, and the amount of formaldehyde used is also clearly specified. Compared with other decorative materials, when manufacturing wood plastic composite materials, the place where formaldehyde is added is much lower. There is almost no impact on the human body and the environment.
During the manufacture of wood plastic composite solid flooring, a large amount of wood will not be wasted and energy-saving effects can be achieved. Therefore, wood plastic composite flooring is widely used in the world, and the demand is also rising.

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