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Plastic wood composite background wall presents a different and wonderful

Plastic wood composite background wall presents a different and wonderful

The development of any new material product will inevitably step into different scientific fields from traditional materials and technology, and will be completely new after the realization of composite crossover. In this era of endless new materials, plastic wood composite materials have developed rapidly in recent years with the concept of "environmental protection and energy saving" and their own special advantages. The application fields have been expanding and the product potential has been continuously tapped. Plastic wood composite has all the advantages of wood decorative materials, which is more advantageous than solid wood, and has high flame retardancy and will not catch fire. Especially in the rainy season, it also has the effect of waterproof, moisture-proof and anti-corrosion. The maintenance requirements are very low. The color of plastic wood composite is close to solid wood, with natural wood texture. There are more colors for people to choose and match. Plastic wood composite has basic colors (that is, pure colors), transfer colors (with a natural texture close to solid wood), baking varnishes, and laminating colors. This provides more choices for people who like to pursue fashion personality.

In addition, using plastic wood composite to decorate the TV background wall is particularly simple to install, saving time and effort, and it is pollution-free and formaldehyde-free. It can be put into use after installation, which is especially in line with the fast-paced life of today. The pursuit of aesthetics and practicability is also one of our considerations. The sound played by the TV is generally noisy, and the traditional ordinary wall can not reduce the noise. Therefore, the use of plastic wood composite sound-absorbing panels can reduce noise. The grooves of plastic wood composite have small round holes arranged in an orderly manner, matched with a thin layer of sound-absorbing cotton to reduce noise. There are more and more people using plastic wood composite to make TV background walls, because it has a wide variety of colors, affordable prices, and can be better matched to form a unified decoration style.

In order to improve the performance of plastic wood composite background boards, manufacturers have been working hard to improve and update production technology. With the development of extrusion equipment and extrusion technology, the plastic wood composite microcellular foamed material background board made by the plastic wood composite microcellular foaming technology has higher impact strength and better impact than the non-foamed material background board. Great toughness, longer life, better thermal stability and lower density. In addition, the successful application of various special additives has also significantly improved the performance of the plastic wood composite background board. All these efforts have further broadened the application range of plastic wood composite background board products.

Plastic wood composite background board products have the advantages of plastic and wood, so they have a series of unique excellent durability, which can be summarized as follows: not afraid of insects, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, no water deformation, long life; appearance similar to wood material background board. But it has better dimensional stability than wood through-patterns, no cracks, warpage and other defects, and higher hardness than plastics; it has the processability of thermoplastics, and can be pressed into three-dimensional patterns and other required shapes. Various colorants or Laminating can produce various products with brilliant colors and good decoration effect.

The environmental protection of plastic wood composite materials is incomparable to materials such as MDF, particleboard, blockboard and multilayer boards that are currently widely used in the home furnishing field. The environmental protection of plastic wood composite is the time to shine in this background. But at the same time, WPC practitioners are also required to create truly green and environmentally-friendly products, and there is no room for sloppy and slack. Let the market recognize that "plastic wood composite equals environmental protection" and continue to deepen this understanding.

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