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Prospect analysis of plastic wood composite decoration

Prospect analysis of plastic wood composite decoration

As far as wood plastic composite products are concerned, the scope of application of wood plastic composite materials can almost cover the original use fields of logs, plastics, ceramics, plastic steel, aluminum alloys and other similar composite materials, and has begun to penetrate into construction, home improvement, furniture, automobiles, transportation, logistics, packaging, gardening, municipal administration, environmental protection, sports, and even military fields are gradually expanding their radiation and influence, and their application prospects are very broad. Wood plastic composite is a young and vibrant industry with a history of less than 50 years.

As far as the decoration industry is concerned, with the development of green buildings, wood plastic composite materials give full play to their advantages, become an important member of this goal, and have broad development prospects. The wood plastic composite material not only has the texture of natural wood, but also overcomes the fatal defects of natural wood in use, such as easy deformation, warping, mildew, and insect infestation. It does not require complicated post-maintenance and has a long service life; easy to form The processing characteristics have greatly improved the serious defects of plastic products, and the comprehensive mechanical properties have been significantly improved. It can not only use general plastic processing equipment for forming products with different cross-sections, but also use ordinary woodworking machinery for length sawing like wood. Post-processing of molded products such as cutting and surface sanding; it can not only realize waste utilization by using recycled plastics and waste natural fibers, but also avoid adverse effects on the environment through product recycling and reprocessing. It is a true new green building material product.

With the rapid development of the market, the demand for individualization is getting stronger and stronger. The overall home furnishing has become a new trend of priority for the entire furniture industry. Simply put, the overall home is a collection of design, decoration materials, construction, furniture, sanitary ware, cabinets, etc. Make an overall plan for the structure, function, line, color and space of the room.

High-end consumers have also begun to be interested in the overall home furnishings. The overall home furnishings are becoming an important factor in industry competition, which may also become an industry trend for high-end furniture products in the future.

Traditional home decoration is designed first, but many follow-up work will still be out of touch, and it is difficult to deliver the desired effect when designing. However, the overall home furnishing can achieve coordination and unification of material selection and decoration. Secondly, consumers can leave all the trivial work of home decoration to the company, which can save time and effort. When there is a problem with the overall home, the responsibility should also fall to the home improvement company, which greatly increases the reliability of the overall home. The most important point is that the overall home furnishing company needs to purchase a large amount of building materials and materials during a large number of decorations. Such materials are relatively cheaper than those purchased by consumers themselves, so consumers may get more discounts.

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