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We choose plastic wood composite flooring or solid wood flooring

With the improvement of living standards, many owners now like to buy a house with a terrace and build a sunny room indoors. The interior is transparent and bright, which neither affects the lighting nor the rest. The overall grade of home decoration has been greatly improved in an instant. When the solar house is built, should we choose plastic wood composite flooring for the floor paving? Or choose ceramic tiles or solid wood flooring?

Considering that the glass material of the solar room will be exposed to the light for a long time, ordinary solid wood flooring is not suitable for long-term exposure to the sun, the wood is easy to change color, bulge, and poor maintenance.

There are a wide variety of ceramic tiles, high hardness, long service life, and will not crack due to prolonged exposure to the sun. It is also more convenient to clean. However, it is easy to slip off on cold and wet days in winter. Families with children and the elderly must choose carefully .

Plastic wood composite flooring has the characteristics of insect-proof, anti-termite, fire-retardant, waterproof and moisture-proof, long service life, light resistance to discoloration, and no cracking.

Plastic wood composite flooring, also known as "plastic wood composite flooring", is a new type of environmentally friendly plastic composite wood flooring. Friends who often visit the park will see the plastic wood composite floor on the floor. The plastic wood composite floor has a stronger waterproof and moisture-proof effect than ordinary wood floors, and it has a longer service life. It will not rot and deform after absorbing water, or in the case of outdoor insect bites , wood floor can choose more colors. This material can also be seen in many villa yards now. It will not crack when exposed to the sun, and will feel comfortable when stepped on, and will not give people a cold feeling in winter like floor tiles. The construction process is relatively simple and easier to maintain. It is the best choice for fast-paced life.

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