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Is 3D Printing Wood Material Pure Wood

3D printing seems to be omnipotent, everything can be printed. 3D print houses with concrete, 3D print airplane turbine pages with metal, 3D print portraits with plaster, and 3D print stools with wooden materials. When it comes to 3D printing wood materials, many people have questions. Is 3D printing wood material pure wood?

No! At present, there is no pure wood 3D printing, but composite materials. Like the first wood material that can be used for desktop 3D printers-LAYWOO-D3. It is composed of 40% recycled wood fiber combined with a polymer binder. It can be melted and extruded from the nozzle of the extruder like a common FDM plastic filament.

The swedish research institute has launched an interdisciplinary alliance to develop comprehensive materials and manufacturing concepts for large-scale additive manufacturing technologies for advanced wood-based materials. The project includes an innovative wood material that can be used for 3D printing and the corresponding manufacturing technology. Extensive research has been conducted on the use of renewable polymers to make bioplastics, and they have even found that they can use lignin to make carbon fibers. The so-called lignin is a renewable by-product from kraft pulp mills.

Foreign players use 3D printing to make wooden handles-3D printing and later polishing. American 3D printer manufacturers have also introduced wood materials, but it is also made of wood mixed with ordinary PLA fiber filaments. This wood material is printed with FDM, and the company has introduced a wood material that can be used for selective laser sintering. This new type of wood material is a kind of brown particles, very fine, and its material is wood chip powder. Users can use it to create a microporous, very grainy surface effect.

The above are the commonly used wood materials on the market. They are not pure wood, but composite materials, with composite fibers added, so a more accurate statement should be wood plastic materials. However, whether wood is in powder form, block form, or strip form, it has no stickiness, and it is bound to add other materials to make it sticky. Therefore, pure wood materials are theoretically impossible.

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