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Aging Experiment Of Wood Plastic Floor

Detecting the anti-aging degree of wood plastic floor is an important step in the product development process. If it is detected by natural aging methods, it will take a long time, which is unfavorable for product development. The commonly used method is to use the laboratory accelerated aging method for testing. Natural weathering refers to direct exposure to sunlight and other climatic conditions, and is the most direct method to assess the weather resistance of materials.

The advantages of natural climate aging are good consistency with wood plastic floor aging, simple and easy operation, and low absolute cost. The disadvantage is that the aging cycle is long, and the sensitivity of different samples is different under different conditions. The measurement results are only applicable to specific The exposure test field of the laboratory; and the method of accelerated aging in the laboratory has the advantages of short time, independent of the site, season, and regional climate, and the measured data can maintain good repeatability. Laboratory accelerated aging tests mainly include heat aging, freeze-thaw accelerated aging, ozone aging, salt spray aging, artificial climate aging, corrosion erosion aging, etc. The research focuses on freeze-thaw accelerated aging, corrosion erosion aging, and artificial climate aging.

As the application area of wood plastic flooring becomes more and more extensive, the climatic conditions faced are also very different. Take the northern part of my country as an example. In summer, it is often exposed to rain and sun exposure above 30°C, while in winter it needs to withstand the severe cold below -20°C. Wood plastic floors used near water will experience cycles of humidity, cold, freezing, and heat more frequently. This repeated hot and cold, freeze-thaw cycle is a severe test for the performance of wood plastic flooring, and often determines the service life of the product.

Wood plastic flooring is a new type of green and environmentally friendly composite material that has emerged in recent years. The materials used in wood plastic products are wood, crops, etc. that can be used with waste plastics and waste gas. They do not contain any harmful ingredients, and can be recycled and used in a sustainable manner. They can be called environmental protection, energy saving, and resource regeneration in the true sense. The new composite products used not only conform to the concept of environmental protection and energy saving, but also follow my country's sustainable development policy. This is also the reason why the application of wood plastic flooring is gradually expanding, and it may replace solid wood flooring as the main decoration building materials in the future.

Wood plastic flooring combines the characteristics and advantages of both plastic and wood fiber, and has good waterproof, moisture-proof, fire-proof, insect-proof, anti-static, and anti-ultraviolet properties. Long service life, simple and convenient installation. However, the most common wood plastic flooring is still installed in outdoor gardens, parks and other areas. It is still relatively rare in home decoration. Why?

Industry professionals pointed out that due to the good integration of plastic and wood fiber, the ratio of the two, the choice of wood flour, the choice of additives, and equipment are all issues that need to be solved urgently, and the technical requirements are relatively high. Therefore, the current price of wood plastic flooring is still a bit expensive. However, with the continuous advancement of technology and the continuous promotion of the market, in the next 5-10 years, the price of wood plastic flooring will be more affordable to the people.And it is very promising to completely replace solid wood flooring, becoming a major trend in the country to promote a low-carbon and environmentally friendly economy.

Through the aging experiment of wood plastic flooring, it can be known that the weather resistance of wood plastic flooring is indeed very good, which also makes wood plastic flooring more and more popular and gradually replaces traditional wooden products.

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