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Why Is The Double-layer Or Multi-layer Outdoor Pavilion The Difficulty Of Wood Plastic Pavilion?

Over the past ten years in the industry, wood plastic gazebos have been exposed a lot, but no matter where the market is, more than 99.9% of its design and final engineering are single-layer wood plastic gazebos, and double-layer or more-layer wood plastic gazebos can be used. It is said to be very rare. Of course, it cannot be said arbitrarily that there is no. There may be a multi-story wood plastic pavilion in a corner that is quietly glowing and heating.

Looking at the outdoor pavilions of other structures, the single-layer structure is often insufficient because of its simple aesthetics. Outdoor pavilions with double or multi-layer structures have been developed, such as solid wood structure outdoor pavilions, brick-concrete pavilions and so on.

Why is the double-layer or multi-layer outdoor pavilion the difficulty of wood plastic pavilion? What are the constraints? Here we boldly analyze one or two, if there is something wrong, please readers to help correct.

1. The fundamental restriction of the force-bearing structure of the wood plastic pavilion makes the single-layer structure of the wood plastic pavilion the easiest to realize. Limited by the basic performance indicators of wood plastic composite materials, wood plastic profiles can only be classified into the category of decorative materials no matter how to evaluate their mechanical indicators. Of course, as the market technology matures, there have been many cutting-edge research and development The staff is studying the research topic of how wood plastic composite materials can be used as structural materials. Therefore, the wood plastic profile as a decorative material needs to be reinforced by steel. Whether it is a wood plastic column, a wood plastic beam, a wood plastic inclined beam or a wood plastic false beam, the inner hole of the square steel is used as the reinforcement of the skeleton. This requirement has greatly increased the difficulty of realizing wood plastic pavilions. The role and connection of different components must be considered comprehensively when designing. Therefore, the single-layer structure of wood plastic pavilions is the simplest and easiest to achieve, and it is also the most economical and practical.

2. From the data point of view, double-layer or even multi-layer wood plastic pavilions will increase the difficulty of design, production, processing and construction by geometric multiples. The structural design is the core of the pavilion design, especially when a double-layer structure or even a multi-layer structure is required. Although simulation can be performed with the aid of finite element analysis software to obtain relatively excellent force-bearing structures and profile sizes, it is often costly, and the realization of the obtained structure may also be costly. For example, in order to achieve the pressure and shear stress of the bottom column, it is necessary to increase the size of the wood plastic column and the lined square steel and the thickness of the connecting parts. This involves a large amount of cost investment, and this investment is likely to be unrecoverable for a long time. of.

3. From the perspective of the market, the market for wood plastic pavilions is still a very segmented and niche market. The market size is very small. Compared to other products such as wood plastic railings, the market size of wood plastic pavilions is acceptable ignore it. Therefore, in terms of the source market, there is currently not enough product market cultivated to support specialized companies to upgrade wood plastic pavilions.

I believe that if the market for wood plastic gazebos can continue to grow and increase, one day in the future there will be a professional company to develop more wood plastic gazebos, and more wood plastic gazebo styles will appear in the market.

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