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Energy-saving and environmentally friendly plastic wood composite

As people pay more attention to environmental resources, plastic wood composite is also born. Plastic wood composite materials are energy-saving and environmentally-friendly products, which not only can well control the emission of harmful substances, but also can achieve the functions of waterproof and moisture-proof on the ground. It not only has the model of natural wood, but also has various patterns and colors, and can be recycled and reused. So plastic wood composite flooring has entered the homes of ordinary people. Plastic wood composite flooring can change and change with the temperature. When in the hot summer, the toughness of plastic wood composite will increase, and there will be a slight expansion, so there will be a span and head-to-head, edge-to-edge gaps during installation to offset the impact of high temperature on plastic wood composite. In the cold and humid winter, there is still no need to worry about plastic wood composite flooring becoming moldy and damp, because plastic wood composite accounts for 50% of the composition of plastic wood composite, and it will only become hard. As a new environmentally friendly product, plastic wood composite flooring can reach a lower temperature of -40 ℃. In winter, summer, autumn and winter, plastic wood composite flooring brings you comfort throughout the season.
Plastic wood composite material is an environmentally friendly decoration material. It can be reused without harmful substances. Even if it is not used, it will not cause any pollution to the environment. It basically does not contain formaldehyde. Its recycling has increased the utilization rate of wood. It meets the requirements of people's environmental protection and energy saving. Its colors are also numerous, which can meet your needs. The wood texture is very good. You can choose the color you like, personalization very strong.
And because of the unique properties of plastic wood composite, it will not crack and swell. Unlike wood boards of other materials, it is easy to deform, and it is also very convenient to maintain. It is labor-saving to clean, and it does not cost a lot of money to repair and maintain. Strong sound absorption effect is also very energy-saving. Its energy-saving efficiency can exceed 30%. It is simple and convenient to install. It is not easy to catch fire. It has high flame retardancy. The fireproof level is very high. Mars can be extinguished automatically without forming harmful substances.

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