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WPC guardrail to lead the trend of new fashion

WPC guardrail to lead the trend of new fashion

When we walk in the city, streets, riverside, park to see the beauty at the same time, in order to provide the beauty of the decorative addition to green seedlings and garden architecture present, another hero silently behind the service, it is wood-plastic barrier. Because of its smooth lines, simple and beautiful appearance to bring the visual enjoyment, at the same time as a special material processing synthesis, but also can serve to serve the requirements of horticulture. So in the end it beautify the bad environment, what is the important role?

In order to beautify the environment, to achieve harmony between man and nature, the Government in order to implement the form of green through the project, out of the rigid walls, requiring the use of fencing in order to achieve broaden their horizons, look directly at the purpose of the environment. This decree, objectively to the WPC fence to expand the market space to create the conditions.

WPC fence has a much better strength than wood, so that both the strength and aesthetic characteristics of the steel bar. Its bright colors, smooth surface, high strength, toughness, corrosion resistance, antistatic, do not fade, not cracking.The advantages of a decorative effect of the best barrier, for the middle of the city roads, clean spacious streets and bright and beautiful fence, Yinghui each other, build a beautiful landscape, our city luster luster; let us high-grade Of the urban construction to a new level.

The implementation of urban greening, ultimately, the contribution of the lawn guardrail. Our common material of the lawn guardrail is wpc material, metal material, cement material, wood, these are usually the most performance is still relatively good lawn guardrail material. Seven true production of the lawn fence to wpc-based materials.

In fact, the role of the lawn guardrail is to remind people not to trample on the destruction of vegetation, decorative lawn. Because most of the lawn guardrail is very short, as long as a lift foot can easily enter, so cherish the flowers and trees still rely on you consciously. Seven really production of the lawn guardrail high strength, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, use a long time.

wpc rails popular reason

1.wpc fence without paint and maintenance, new is not old, from your maintenance and labor problems, the lowest overall cost.

2.The production of simple and quick installation, the use of patented bearing-style connection or proprietary connection accessories to install, greatly improving the installation efficiency.

3.wpc fence variety specifications, a variety of shapes you choose, both European and American style and today's fashion, with noble and modern beauty.

4.wpc fence safety, environmental protection, even if it is not intended to touch the fence will not like steel, iron railings that hurt.

Characteristic of wpc fence material

wpc fence profiles long life; life of more than 30 years; feel fine, green, simple and clean features of the shape, you can dotted appearance, so that the environment more warm and comfortable. wpc guardrail profiles with colorful, smooth surface, excellent quality, elegant style, modern shape.

wpc fence profiles using a unique formula, special anti-UV, anti-aging stabilizer to ensure that the appearance is not old and new, do not fade, not yellow, not crisp in winter, summer is not soft, never paint, maintenance , The service life is as long as 30 years.Have the feeling to be exquisite, the green environmental protection, the modeling succinct lively characteristic, may embellish the building appearance, lets your environment be more warm, comfortable.

wpc fence product advantages

Recently, with the rapid development of urban road construction in China, the market demand for road fence products is also higher and higher. In the past, China's urban roads are all iron railings because of its uneven surface, easy to rust, maintenance costs higher birth defects Gradually eliminated by the market to wood, plastic as the main material of the second generation of fence products began to be widely used in road fence project.

The new wpc fence (poly ethylene) used in the metal profile extrusion coated vinyl plastic and plastic profile production process, to further overcome the second generation of barrier products, coating flaking, easy to aging and other shortcomings, as the first Three generations of road parapets in the more representative of a class of products.

The new production process to bring different product performance, wpc fence than in the same type of barrier products in the following areas have no small advantage:

First of all, watch strong. Fence manufacturers can not only provide a large number of model products for users to choose, but also according to the actual requirements of architects and developers to customize, specifications and diverse. And wpc rails to white, blue, green and wood color mostly, rich colors.

Secondly, high strength, toughness. wpc rails can be completed 100 kg of pressure test, strength and toughness is far superior to the general wooden fence. Through the rational installation of columns and horizontal rail so that the barrier can withstand the 7-8 level of the strong winds.

Finally, the service life is relatively long.wpc fence service life of 15 years, generally up to 20 years.

Particularly worth mentioning is that compared with the previous iron fence, wooden fence, wpc fence to ensure the life of the years, do not need to rust, paint, do not need special maintenance, when it is dirty, with the use of Clean water and detergent can easily make it a new look. Can ensure that the viewing effect is always the same.

Lawn guardrail nine purposes

1, the grid-type lawn fence can be customized by architects and developers requirements, the fence of the bar height varies, the formation of a variety of smooth curves, is a combination of art and engineering design.

2, garden and community Lawn fence is usually white, suitable for villas and residential apartment building envelope.

3, garden guardrail garden lawn guardrail is mainly used for garden villas, parks, schools, churches, apartments, seaside holiday homes and waterfront parks and other enclosures.

4, evasive barrier This barrier from the outside can not see the scenery within the fence, mainly for privacy requirements of the occasion. There is also a type of dual-use shelter and ventilation, suitable for summer nights in the yard to cool the occasion.

5, Heavy-duty lawn guardrail is made of galvanized steel covered with wpc. Suitable for large venues or traffic enclosures, especially for high strength requirements of the occasion. Mainly used for agricultural livestock on captivity, highways, large industrial bases and large entertainment venues.

6, flower bed lawn guardrail for the low-type guardrail, is the grass, entertainment, villas, parks ideal guardrail.

7, balcony fence, balcony, roof platform decoration and envelope. Mainly used for villas, churches, schools, apartments, beach leisure houses and other places.

8, the staircase fence is generally wood grain design, can beautify the living room environment.

9, pavilions and flower rack pavilion for the assembled structure, not only very beautiful, and convenient installation and quick, built a pavilion to make the environment more beautiful, pleasing. The shelves transform the villa's backyard into a gorgeous garden and expand the living space.

Shanghai Seven Trust Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional production of wood-plastic products company. Its wood-plastic product quality and service measures, customer service rave reviews. At present, WPC guardrail is widely used in villa courtyard, seashore river course (such as villa courtyard, seashore river course) because of its rich color, delicate touch, novel style, nice appearance, high strength, anti-aging, abrasion resistance, fading, cracking and maintenance-free. , Factory schools, parks and other places of the square envelope. To the user to build a beautiful landscape. WPC fence unknowingly led the trend of the new fashion.


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