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How To Deal With The Scratches Of The Wood Plastic Floor

In daily life, you are not vigilant about dropping heavy objects and sharp objects on the wood plastic diy floor or walking on the wooden floor with sand on the sole of the shoe. The appearance of the wooden floor will be scratched at different levels in the city, and the exterior paint of the floor will be smashed; the owners must take precautions, Initiate users to set up a carpet at the doorway or indoors to prevent sand from their shoes from being carried onto the floor. It is best to wear soft-soled slippers indoors. So how to deal with the scratches of the wood plastic floor? Today, the editor will tell you about the scratches on wood plastic floor:

Essentials 1: The appearance of wood plastic floor is scratched, and the paint is usually shattered. This depends on the level of scratches on the appearance of the wood plastic floor. If the appearance of the paint film is slightly scratched, you can use polishing and waxing measures for disposal and punishment, and then wipe the paint clean.

Essentials 2: There is another environment where the scars are deeper, and solid repair wax can be used to fill it, and then use a touch-up pen to paint.

Essentials 3: If you think the above operation is very poor, you can buy a bottle of floor wax, and wipe it like a normal mopping. Some scratches that are not extraordinarily deep can be dealt with and punished. It doesn't cost much to buy a bottle of floor wax, but there is a huge amount of funding for the restoration of the wooden floor, which can make it look beautiful, prevent scratches, and extend the life span. The same is usually about three months for a thorough recuperation.

Essentials 4: If it is really severe or the result of the repair is unsatisfactory, you must find a professional wood plastic floor company to deal with the punishment. When replacing, the severely damaged wood plastic floor will be dug up and replaced with a new one; Most of the scraped wood plastic floor will need to be dug up together with the unscratched wood plastic floor (due to the joint between the wood floor and the wood floor, it is practically difficult to dig a piece of wood floor alone).

If your wood plastic floor is accidentally scratched, you can try the above 4 methods, I hope it can help you.

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