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Wood Plastic Material Processing Technology

Wood plastic composite material is one of the more popular new materials on the market. So what should we do when choosing wood plastic profiles? It is recommended that you start with the processing technology of wood plastic materials. Then I will introduce you to the wood plastic material processing technology: wood-based panel processing method, non-woven molding method, solid wood impregnation polymerization method and extrusion injection molding method.

The wood-based board processing method is similar to the production process of ordinary particle board, which is made by mixing wood materials with recycled plastics (paving) and then hot pressing and compounding. Plastic is not only the modifier of traditional wood-based panels, but also completely replaces the adhesive of traditional wood-based panels. This method is suitable for the production of composite materials with relatively high plant fiber content.

Non-woven molding method is also called non-air flow paving molding method, that is, wood fiber and plastic matrix are mixed at room temperature. After wood fiber and other fibrous materials are mixed, they pass through the needle punching section and are backed by thin non-woven fabrics to make fiber mutual The wound low-density slab can be hot-pressed into the final product according to the needs and requirements of the final product, which is mainly used for automotive interior parts.

The solid wood impregnation method is wood-based plastic wood, in which the plastic monomer or low polymerization degree resin is immersed into the solid wood, and the plastic monomer or low polymerization degree resin is induced to undergo free radical polymerization in the wood by heating or radiation. The research history of this method is relatively early, and the resin monomers used include vinyl monomers such as styrene, methyl methacrylate, ethyl acetate, and acrylonitrile. However, the preparation process of this method is complicated, which is not conducive to commercial application.

Extrusion injection molding is a traditional plastic product production process. This method is suitable for plant fibers appearing in powder form, requiring a certain viscosity and fluidity of the mixed system, and extruding or injection molding the molded material after being melted and mixed with the plastic matrix. This method can be continuously produced, is easy to operate, and has high production efficiency. At present, this method is the most widely used.

There are four kinds of wood plastic materials processing technology. After reading the above content, do you have a deeper understanding of wood plastic?

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