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How Long Does It Take To Move In After The Installation Of The Wood Floor

Everyone has a strong desire to move into a new home and can't wait to get it done today, clean up and move in immediately, this is the allure of the home. We can understand this kind of mood, but at this time we need to be calm and rational, and not be too hasty.

The new house needs to be ventilated for about two or three months after renovation to allow the harmful substances in the new house to slowly evaporate. And if your home is paved with wooden floors, it is recommended that you do not move in so quickly.

Why do you say that? Today, the editor will explain to you how long does it take to move in after the installation of the wood floor. Let’s take a look!

Wood flooring is selected from natural woods, refined through logs, blooming, moisture content treatment, precision slotting, surface finishing combined with several inspections. It is the first choice for high-end home decoration due to its natural fragrance and durability. In the process of using solid wood floor, proper maintenance and use can keep the floor as new as new.

Check-in time after paved

It is not possible to move in immediately after laying the wooden floor. It is recommended to check in after two or three days to see if there are any problems. Because even the best natural wood flooring products have their innate characteristics, the wood flooring itself will exchange a certain amount of humidity with the surrounding environment (this is the process of adapting to the new environment). If you move in immediately, there is a risk of some size changes due to human activities. Generally, the best humidity for indoor environment is between 50% and 70% at room temperature, and the limit humidity is between 40% and 80%. Pay attention to strengthening the control of air humidity, which is conducive to the health of solid wood flooring.

If you do not check in in time, please keep the indoor air circulating and check and maintain it regularly. It is recommended to be once a week.

Therefore, for your health and for your wooden floor, do not move in immediately after the wooden floor is laid.

Furniture entry time after paving

After the floor is installed, within 48 hours (generally this period becomes the curing period of the floor), avoid frequent walking and placing heavy objects on the floor, so as to allow sufficient time for the floor glue to stick firmly and let the floor dry naturally , You can put heavy objects on it after getting used to it.

Now everyone should know how long does it take to move in after the installation of the wood floor. The editor warmly reminds everyone, for your floor and your own health, don't be so anxious to move in.

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