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Tips For Choosing The Wood Plastic Fence

Seven Trust wood plastic fence looks practical and beautiful, plays the role of safety protection, and can prevent accidents. Not only can pets be kept in captivity, but also can be used as an isolation wall, which does not hinder the beautiful scenery and sufficient light, but also has a natural protective feeling, which is strong and durable. So how to choose the wood plastic fence in the villa garden? Here are the tips for choosing the wood plastic fence.

1. Height selection

The height of the wood plastic fence can be chosen, but most people choose a height below 1.3 meters for overall coordination and decorative aesthetics. If it is too high, it will easily block people's vision, and there will be a feeling of restraint. The range of 1.1 meters to 1.3 meters is enough for protection, and it does not affect the scenery leakage. Families with pets and small children must take safety into consideration, so try to choose a height of more than one meter and restrict random travel.

2. Quality selection

Everyone has different goals for installing wood plastic fences. If it is to isolate the swimming pool and prevent children from entering it, you should choose a better quality one. Master the height and don't let children pass easily. If it is to encircle a small spot for growing flowers and vegetables, you can choose a shorter one, but pay attention to moisture and insects, especially corrosion resistance. The quality of different materials is naturally different in price, but the use effect is also completely different.

The above are tips for choosing wood plastic fences,you can choose wood plastic fences according to height, material, performance, price, etc.Seven Trust different sizes and specifications can be customized, so that they are more in line with their respective constructions. The right choice not only does not destroy the aesthetics of the environment, but also has a warm and cozy feeling. If you have purchasing needs in this regard, you can call us at any time.

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