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WPC Composite Interior Wall Panels And Outdoor Wall Panels Difference

When it comes to the decoration of the moment, many people will ask, "There can be both ecological forest aesthetics, and environmentally friendly and cheap decoration materials," the answer is certainly there Oh, wood interior and exterior wall panels should be able to meet the requirements of many people. WPC interior wall panels and outdoor wall panels although a word difference, but there is not a small difference between them.So do you know the WPC composite interior wall panels and outdoor wall panels difference?

First of all, WPC wall panels indoor and outdoor materials prices are not the same, because the use of the environment is not the same, the required properties of the wall material there are differences, then there will be some differences between the selection of wall panels.

1. WPC wall panels density is not the same, the use of outdoor wall panels and interior wall panels compared to the outside of the material density is much larger, foam small, high mechanical strength.

2. Wall thick-walled, outdoor wall panels relatively thicker than the indoor many, many years of outdoor wall panels wind and sun, wind and rain erosion. So the outdoor wall can not be less than 3mm, to be able to resist the erosion of the sun and the moon, but the room as long as 3mm to fully meet the conditions of use.

3. Installation in different ways, the indoor temperature change is small, the size of the material changes will be small, then the installation is relatively easier. But the outdoor material to achieve beautiful and clean, plus the effect of long life, then the installation of wall panels should be very strict.

4. Wallboard formula is different from the main component of WPC ,PVC resin and wood powder combination, then the outdoor material need to increase the large number of anti-UV absorber, and UV shielding agent combination of compound formula, can make the outdoor wall panel life to 30 years long.

WPC decoration materials are environmentally friendly series of materials, but also in the decoration, construction, home improvement and other industries are quite wide application, and other products can also be achieved with different collage combinations, but installed indoor and outdoor wallboard requirements are Certain differences, materials, prices, installation methods are also different,different indoor and outdoor environments, lifetimes so will be different.

The analysis of the WPC composite interior wall panels and outdoor wall panels difference is here. You can distinguish them when you buy them.

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