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Outdoor Wall Panel

WPC is a fantastic material: flexible and beautiful, durable and renewable. WPC wall panels are a cost-effective option that will hold up for years! The advanced UV protection on the sheet’s outer surface provides superior resistance to outdoor weathering. Seven Trust WPC Exterior Wall Cladding is encased in a ultra-durable full protective shield, which offers protection against stains, scratches, snow, and sun damage.

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WPC exterior wall panel is considered as proper choice for long lasting and maintenance free option for wall construction. The water resistant property of WPC supports outdoor wall paneling with desired colors, patterns and designs.

We are tagged as leading manufacturer and supplier of WPC Outdoor Wall Panel. WPC exterior wall cladding provides a cover that not only protects a building but radiates warmth and comfort to our visitors. Composite wood cladding is an increasingly popular choice for finishing the façade of commercial and residential buildings. Our exterior cladding offers design freedom, ease of handling, a range of products and the natural beauty of timber species.

Compare to the wood

Characteristics WPC Wood
Moisture Resistance Waterproof Water absorptive
Rot Resistance Antisepsis Need special treating(print)
Split Resistance No Cracked Cracked by weathering effect
Distortion Resistance Almost no Contraction/expansion Distorting effected by chang of 

moisture and temperature

UV Resistance High Grade UV Resistance Easily effected by UV
Fading Resistance Almost no Easy to fade
No need painting No need Need paint periodically
Durable/longevity > 15years 3-5 years
Methyl aldehyde No  Methyl aldehyde Low  Methyl aldehyde 
Chemicals Nontoxic additives No need additives
Environment Effect Recyclable 100% Used as the material of WPC

WPC cladding provides an attractive and effective way to finish the exterior and interior of both new and old buildings and suits a traditional, modern or uniquely designed commercial or residential building. It should be considered an integral part of the overall building design as it can contribute to aesthetics, comfort and structural performance.

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