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Plastic wood composite flower stand products

Plastic wood composite flower stands are made of new plastic wood composite materials and are used for climbing and growing vines or placing potted plants. They can also be called plastic wood composite corridors. Plastic wood composite flower stands are assembled from plastic wood composite materials. In the garden landscape, they can divide the plant space and increase the depth of the landscape.

Because the plastic wood composite flower stand is made of plastic wood composite material, it not only has the warm touch of solid wood, but also has good waterproof and moisture-proof functions of plastic.

Moisture-proof and anti-corrosion are the major advantages of plastic wood composite flower stands. In the installation of garden landscapes, ordinary solid wood flower stands are prone to mold, rotten, deformed and cracked due to the performance problems of the solid wood, so the general life span is not long. , waterproof, anti-cracking and deformation are decisive advantages.

Plastic wood composite flower stands also have unique advantages in preventing insects and termites. Because the plastic wood composite flower frame is made of polymer materials, the density is as high as 1.3g/cm, far exceeding the 0.5g/cm of solid wood material. The particularity of the material can also effectively extend the life of the flower stand. In addition, the plasticity of the plastic wood composite flower stand is much better than that of the traditional solid wood flower stand. In addition to making it according to the traditional appearance, it can also be customized scientifically and reasonably according to the installation and use environment and personal preferences.

Plastic wood composite flower stands have always been used as decorations in residential areas, squares, scenic spots, schools, parks, villas and other places. As a popular decoration product, plastic wood composite flower stands have spared no effort to play their biggest role and strive to become the focus of the scenic spot.

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