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Balcony design and transformation, wood plastic composite material shows advantages

The balcony is an extension of indoor space, a transition between indoor and outdoor, and also the closest place to nature in our reinforced concrete buildings. With the continuous improvement of the quality of life, people have higher and higher requirements for home design, and the scope of space customization has become more and more extensive, and even balcony decoration has gradually been paid more attention.

In the past, people only used balconies as utility rooms or clothes drying rooms. If they are enclosed balconies, they can also be used as rooms. With the improvement of the economy and living environment, people's demand for balconies is increasing. Renovating the balconies makes the balconies truly a unique space for people to contact the sun, breathe fresh air, and enjoy life.

In recent years, wood plastic composite materials have been used more and more widely in life, and they have been used more and more frequently in balcony design. The use of wood plastic composite products has greatly improved the comfort, beauty and durability of the balcony. The design provides new options.

Balcony wood plastic composite floor
Balcony wood plastic flooring is not only waterproof and moisture-proof, but also can effectively solve the problem of traditional wood products that are easy to rot when exposed to water. And the color of wood plastic floor is richer. While having the texture and texture comparable to natural wood, the color can also be customized according to personal preference.

In addition, wood plastic flooring is a non-polluting, non-polluting, recyclable material, and its formaldehyde emission and benzene volatilization are far lower than national environmental protection standards and European standards. The installation of wood plastic floor is also very simple and convenient, and no special maintenance and maintenance are required in the later stage.

Balcony wood plastic composite wall panel
The balcony wood plastic composite wall panel refers to the decoration of the balcony wall, which is also one of the important parts of the balcony decoration. No matter what material is chosen for balcony decoration, moisture-proof, mildew-proof and insect-proof are the basic requirements of choice. For balcony design, the use of wood plastic wall panels is a good choice, because the balcony is connected to the outside, sun and rain are inevitable, and wood plastic composite wall panels are waterproof and insect-resistant, light in weight, and resistant to deformation and cracking. First choice for balcony decoration.

Smallpox wood plastic suspended ceiling
Smallpox wood plastic ceiling decoration is also part of the balcony decoration. The basic function of the balcony ceiling is moisture-proof and heat preservation. For the balcony ceiling material, the use of wood plastic ceiling decoration is a good choice. The probability of weathering of the balcony ceiling is greater than that of the indoor space, and the wood plastic material has the characteristics of flame-retardant, waterproof, fire-proof, insect-proof, durable, etc., which is very suitable for balcony space decoration.

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