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Look at the application of plastic wood composites from another angle

With the continuous development and progress of science and technology, plastic wood composite materials have also achieved unprecedented development. At present, plastic wood composite materials are widely used in environmental design and construction industries. They can not only be used as practical materials in buildings, but also can play a role in modification. Let us change a perspective and look at the application fields of plastic wood composites from the perspective of environmental design, and we will have a deeper understanding of the development space of plastic wood composites.

Paving and application of plastic wood composite materials
The application of paving is the most common practical application of plastic wood composite materials. It is usually used in the overhead passage on the edge of the cliff, or the overhead bridge on the river, or the roof paving of the pavilion. For wood, what the designer wants to express is the concept of nature, that is, integrating with nature and embodying the concept of healthy and green nature. However, wood is very easy to corrode, and rainwater contains acid, which will corrode wood very quickly. Therefore, plastic wood composite materials have emerged as the times require, which makes up for this disadvantage of wood. In terms of appearance, the mixing of plastic and wood did not change the color of the wood itself, thus maintaining the concept of health, greenness, and nature. Even the addition of plastic made the single tone of the original wood more diversified, but did not change too much wood the basic tone. From the shape point of view, the addition of plastic makes the plastic wood composite material more plastic. For example, if the plastic wood composite material is connected in one piece, it shows the integrity and highlights the initial state of nature; this composite type can also be used The material is fixed to the beam by stainless steel nails, reflecting the diversity and novelty of the shape, so different connection methods can achieve different effects.

Facade application of plastic wood composite materials
In the past, the walls were made of bricks to prevent corrosion by acid rain and moths, but the emergence of plastic wood composite materials solved this defect. The façade is a wall made of plastic wood composite materials to avoid the use of bulky brick walls. At the same time, it also allows users to be closer to nature and more environmentally friendly in appearance, making users feel as if they are living in nature. Therefore, plastic wood composite materials have been widely used once they came out. In terms of color, the main use of the facade is red, and the original color of the wood is added. Its diversity is far better than the simple wood color, and it allows users to design according to their different preferences, with strong flexibility. Structurally, the connection of plastic wood composite materials is also very flexible. There are rectangles, rhombuses, etc. in shape. The size of the connection gap can be adjusted according to different needs. The shape of the connection gap can also be designed according to different needs. There are long strips. There are also isolated square or diamond gaps.

Another area of façade application is guardrails. The first guardrails were used to divide courtyards, keep wind, and block animals. However, modern guardrails are mostly ornamental, while maintaining the corrosion resistance of plastic wood composite materials. Can also maintain the characteristics of wood. In terms of color, the color of the wood itself is used as the keynote, and the original ecology of nature is brought out through the color of the surrounding green plants. From the detail point of view, the texture of the wood just expresses the concept of nature and green. From the structural point of view, the connection of the guardrail is very simple, but it embodies a strong breath of life. It makes people feel the kind of life far away from the feasting and impetuous and prosperous life of the city, which greatly relaxes people's body and mind.

Structural application of plastic wood composite materials
As the urban population continues to increase, urban construction has attracted more and more attention. At present, the most advanced urban construction concept is green construction, that is, the combination of urban construction and nature. Therefore, if plastic wood composite materials are used to decorate the green plants in the city, this will be clearly reflected, because the first urban greening was decorated with limestone, ceramic tiles and other materials, which would seem very industrial. Considering the color of plastic wood composite materials, different plants have different colors, so materials of different colors are needed to modify. For example, darker green flowers and plants can be decorated with light-colored plastic wood composite materials; while lighter lilies, etc., can be decorated with darker color plastic wood composite materials. Considering the combination of composite materials, the effects of different material connection methods are completely different. For example, using circular horizontal strips of composite material to connect, leaving a certain gap in the middle, on the one hand, can allow plants to fully absorb oxygen; on the other hand, from the outside, the entire flowerbed becomes an exceptionally beautiful landscape in the city.

In addition to flower beds, trash cans are also a major hidden danger of urban greening. If an abrupt trash can is placed in the center of the city, it will destroy the beauty. The use of plastic wood composite materials can just solve this problem. The trash can made of wood not only caters to the main body of urban greening, but the corrosion resistance of the plastic wood composite material also ensures the durability of the trash can.

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