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In-depth development of plastic wood composite material application field-plastic wood children’s toys

Compared with natural wood, plastic wood composites have outstanding advantages such as no paint, good environmental performance, simple maintenance, no stabbing, and long service life. Therefore, they will gradually become children's entertainment facilities and toys. The main substitute wood materials. With the development of the times, consumers have higher and higher requirements for the playability and attractive appearance of toys. Traditional wooden toys urgently need fresh blood to make them rejuvenated. As a new material with dual characteristics of wood and plastic, plastic wood material can be used as a good medium for expanding the shape and improving the playability of traditional wooden toys, and it is worthy of further development and utilization.

Plastic wood composite materials were used in some international brand toys as early as the late 1990s to make wooden play parts that require a lot of wood or are difficult to model. With the development of the times, plastic wood composite materials are more and more widely used in wooden toys.

Applying plastic wood composite materials to the innovative design of plastic wood composite toys: Since most of the plastic wood composite toys require the use of molds to complete the production, in the innovative design process of plastic wood composite toys, designers need to consider the full use of molds and try to make a mold. Multi-purpose to reduce production costs. At the same time, compared with wood, plastic wood composite materials have the characteristics of corrosion resistance, water resistance, and high strength. These characteristics can be used to expand the coverage of wooden toys.

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