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New PVC plastic wood composite material opens a new era of green building

PVC wood plastic composite building template is a kind of building template product produced by mixing and extruding PVC resin, wood flour, composite materials, etc. This product has the advantages of excellent corrosion resistance, good mold release, and recyclability. It is a new generation of new products after wood formwork, steel formwork and bamboo plywood. It is a new environmentally friendly building material that uses plastic to replace wood and plastic to replace steel and save energy.

The building template is an important tool for the construction of concrete structures. It plays a supporting role after the concrete is poured and formed. With the rapid development of the construction industry, the demand for building templates in concrete construction is increasing.

Both wood formwork and bamboo formwork need to use urea-formaldehyde resin glue as an adhesive in the production process, which will produce certain formaldehyde and pollute the environment. Moreover, it is difficult to recycle the two, which will cause secondary environmental pollution.

Steel formwork is a kind of building formwork assembled by welding steel plates. Because steel formwork can be reused many times, the turnover rate can reach 40 times, making it once a substitute for wooden formwork, standardized and formed a variety of series . At the same time, due to its heavy weight, it is inconvenient to hoist during construction and difficult to disassemble. There are many splicing blocks, excessive manpower and material consumption during installation and construction, and a certain affinity with cement. When removing the formwork, it is easy to peel off the surface of cement products such as columns or beams, which affects the quality and is easy to rust. It is difficult to promote and use quickly.

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