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Plastic wood composite wall panels have been developed in prefabricated buildings

In recent years, plastic wood composite wallboard has achieved unprecedented development, and its usage has increased geometrically year by year, occupying most of the market share of the plastic wood composite market, and has been widely used in industrial and civil buildings. As an important structural component and supporting material system of prefabricated buildings, new wall materials are the key to the future promotion and application of prefabricated buildings.

As a new type of environmentally friendly material in the field of green buildings, plastic wood composite is developing very rapidly. Therefore, standardizing its inspection and testing methods and improving its performance indicators are important to promote the orderlyization of the plastic wood composite market and promote the application and development of plastic wood composite in green buildings. The application areas of WPC cover construction, decoration, furniture, logistics, municipal administration, gardening and other fields. Products with a wide range of research and application mainly include WPC flooring, WPC decorative panels, WPC templates, WPC decorative strips, WPC pallets, etc. . Through the continuous development of material technology, the physical performance indicators of plastic wood composite wallboard have been further improved on the basis of traditional plastic wood composite materials, which can already meet the basic requirements of buildings for the envelope structure, and can be used in civil construction and general industrial construction projects. The non-load-bearing internal partition wall and external retaining wall.

The research and application of plastic wood composite materials as decorative panels is relatively early, and as a building envelope, plastic wood composite wall panels are not deep enough in formula research and development, special equipment research and development, assembly technology research and development, connection node research and development, and related connection accessories research and development. To a certain extent, limits the application of plastic wood composite wall panels. With the continuous development of science and technology, the emergence of new materials, new equipment, and new assembly technologies may improve and enhance some of the properties of wood plastic composite walls, thereby expanding the application areas of wood plastic composite wall panels.

In addition to continuing to optimize performance parameters such as fire resistance, durability, heat resistance, mechanical properties, and reducing production energy consumption, the research direction of wood plastic composite wall panels can also start from the realization of architectural artistic effects and adopt co-extrusion technology similar to synthetic resin tiles. Coating a layer of coating material on the surface of the wallboard, on the one hand, can improve the aging resistance of the plastic wood composite wallboard directly exposed to the outdoor natural environment, and at the same time, it can realize its changeable color and texture mechanism such as marble effect and wood grain.

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