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Buy Wood Plastic Floor Accessories To Guard Against Hidden Dangers Of Pollution

When people choose wood plastic flooring, they tend to focus on the floor's abrasion resistance, formaldehyde emission, pattern and style and other floor quality issues, but the environmental protection issues of skirting boards, floor glue, floor mats and other accessories are often not so good. Pay attention to. But do you know? The accessories and auxiliary materials of wood plastic flooring are actually very important. If you don't choose it well, there will be great safety hazards!Let's talk about the buy wood plastic floor accessories to guard against hidden dangers of pollution.

Skirting board

When purchasing skirting boards, you should start with the following aspects:

1. Environmental protection: To examine the environmental protection of skirting boards, you can pass the manufacturer's inspection report.

2. The overall coordination with the room: the color and pattern of the skirting board are mainly based on the principle of contrast and harmony with the floor and furniture.

3. Deformation resistance: Inferior floors are prone to deformation and loosening when the temperature changes or are damp, which affects the beauty of the entire room. It is recommended to use the matching skirting boards designated by famous brand floors when choosing skirting boards.

Affected by the European decoration style, coupled with the limited height of most houses at present, many consumers no longer blindly follow the popular 10cm and 8cm skirting standards when buying floors, and the 6cm skirting is gradually becoming more and more dwarfed. The more consumers choose, it will become a fashion in the future. In addition, the 6cm skirting adds more individual factors to the decoration, which greatly meets the individual needs of modern consumption.

Floor glue

Although the amount of floor glue used in floor installation is small, its environmental protection cannot be ignored. The use of floor glue with substandard environmental performance will cause serious pollution in the entire room. Because there is no mature brand in the domestic floor glue market, The quality is also uneven. It is recommended to use imported indoor environmentally friendly glue when installing the floor.

There is a misunderstanding in the floor laying: "lock floor is the floor that does not need to be glued". In fact, the lock floor is designed for short-term re-paving. Without glue, it can be disassembled and re-used many times to avoid long-term use. During use, the floor gap becomes larger and larger due to friction. If the lock floor is laid for a long time, it should be glued. This can ensure that the floor splicing is stronger than the ordinary floor, so as to achieve the actual effect of the lock floor.

Floor mats

Floor mats are the interlayer between the floor and the ground. It mainly plays a role of moisture proof and balance during floor laying. Floor mats sold in the market generally meet the basic requirements of users. Now some brands have also launched Various "functional floor mats", such as thin aluminum floor mats, special plastic floor mats, paper floor mats, etc., the user should select and use according to their needs after determining the specific function. Consumers should pay attention to that the thicker the floor mat is not the better, the thickness of the floor mat has a large room for maneuver, which is easy to cause the floor to crack and the feet feel uncomfortable.

Door buckle

With the maturity of the flooring market and the development of branded flooring and flooring brand services, in order to regulate irregular behaviors in the distribution of accessories in the flooring market and safeguard the interests of consumers, as an important content of flooring brand services, some large brand flooring merchants have successively launched The professional distribution service of floor accessories eliminates the troublesome accessory selection process.

As for the buy wood plastic floor accessories to guard against hidden dangers of pollution. In fact, everyone does not have to worry. With the maturity of the flooring market, the development of brand flooring and flooring brand services, but also in order to regulate the irregular behavior of the floor market accessories distribution and protect the interests of consumers. As an important part of flooring brand services, some large brand flooring merchants have successively launched professional distribution services for wood plastic flooring accessories, eliminating the cumbersome process of selecting accessories for people.

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