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Ideal material for garden decoration-wood plastic composite pavilion

With the continuous development of people's economic level and the improvement of material living conditions, the concept of healthy consumption has become a new concept of outdoor leisure. There is a vast space for outdoor activities, and leisure can also make people happy. This is one of the reasons for the rapid development of outdoor building facilities. Wood plastic composite pavilion is an ideal outdoor environmental protection material, which can be recycled and used at low cost. The wood plastic composite pavilion made of wood plastic composite can give full play to its waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion and insect-proof performance, no wood thorns, and long service life.

Weather resistance is the main factor limiting outdoor materials, and wood plastic composite pavilions can fully meet this requirement. The wood plastic composite pavilion accelerates aging under ultraviolet radiation, but the wood powder in the wood plastic composite material can effectively block the ultraviolet rays from entering the material, thereby ensuring the outdoor use of the wood plastic composite material. From the analysis of economic factors, the production cost and maintenance cost of plastic wood materials are lower than ordinary wood and metal materials, so wood plastic composite pavilions are very promising.

In the research reports on wood plastic composite pavilions, some pay attention to how to improve the performance of composite materials, and some pay attention to how to improve the molding equipment of wood plastic composite materials. At present, people have discussed the durability of wood plastic composite materials. Although there have been some reports, there are still some problems: it is necessary to establish a complete set of tests to simulate the outdoor environment including fungus or termite corrosion, the influence of ultraviolet and humidity, and the influence of climate change, deeper, humidity, ultraviolet and other fungi The impact on the service life of plastic wood materials.

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