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Precautions for the stability of outdoor plastic wood composite pavilion bracket

Outdoor plastic wood composite pavilions and plastic wood composite flower stands are now very popular materials used in outdoor decoration. Plastic wood composite materials have the advantages of waterproof, insect-proof and anti-corrosion, and high color retention, and they also have the characteristics of maintenance-free in the later period, so get favored by many customers. And fixed on its pedestal is the effusion of the entire pavilion or flower stand system, which needs to be handled properly.

The brackets and pedals of outdoor plastic wood composite pavilions are generally buried in concrete or fixed with screws on the concrete surface. These two methods are the most convenient and common. The following two methods are described as follows:

1. Thickness of concrete. When pouring concrete on hardened and solid ground, the overall surface thickness of the concrete should be no less than 15CM, and the thickness of the concrete with a small area near the column base should be no less than 30CM. According to geological conditions, internal reinforcement can be added when necessary.

2. Insert the bottom plate. The thickness of the steel plate used for embedding is generally about 1CM or more. Four thick steel bars bent outside the bottom should be used to apply the gripping force. The overall height of the welded steel bars should be adjusted according to the thickness of the embedded concrete layer. The height is generally not less than 12CM. Before the concrete is poured, the embedded position is marked with a thin rod. After pouring, the side of pre-embedded steel bars should be pre-embedded down to the designated position before curing. After the steel plate is embedded, it should be flush with the concrete surface, so that the subsequent steel is completely solidified and welded to the steel plate.

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