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Application of wood plastic composite pavilion

In recent years, with the development of technology, wood plastic composite pavilions have emerged. It adopts the most advanced extrusion molding technology in the industry and the surface is evenly and firmly covered with the co-extrusion layer. Using this new technology to produce wood plastic composite pavilions, in addition to retaining the advantages of traditional wood plastic composite anti-mold, insect-proof and other physical properties, it also has stronger wear resistance, scratch resistance, stain resistance and weather resistance, which is more beautiful and durable. For high-end outdoor garden landscape projects.

The outdoor performance of the wood plastic composite pavilion is better. There is no need to consider the daily cleaning and maintenance issues after installation, which increases the long-term beauty and experience. In harsh outdoor environments, ordinary wrought iron pavilions will suffer from rust and corrosion within a short period of time, and anti-corrosion wood railings will also suffer from moth-eaten and rot. If they are not maintained for a long time, the skin will fall off and the inside will break the problem seriously affected the overall aesthetics of the pavilion. The design style of the garden landscape is closely related to the architectural style and the use of materials. It insists on the functionality of the use. Under the premise of a beautiful environment, it arranges facilities and places that meet various functional requirements to provide a beautiful space for rest and communication. The wood plastic composite pavilion can create a romantic architectural atmosphere according to individual needs regardless of color, pattern or texture. The main principle of improving the durability of plastic wood is related to the type of wood material, the type of added polymer, and the blending ratio of wood and plastic in the material preparation process. For wood plastic composite pavilions, structural durability and aesthetic durability are equally important.

In construction engineering, plastic wood composite is mainly used in the construction formwork for pouring concrete. It has many advantages and is an environmentally friendly construction formwork material. The rigidity, toughness, density and structure optimization of building templates made of plastic wood composite as materials can be well solved by continuously improving processing technology and preparation technology, exploring new modification methods and structural design methods. In the form of vigorously promoting the economical use of wood, high-end plastic wood composite will be increasingly used in the field of construction engineering.

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