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Advantages of wood plastic composite gazebo

The wood plastic composite pavilion is a new type of green environmental protection landscape material processed by special treatment of PVC, wood flour and nut shells. It has the advantages of no decay, no deformation, no fading, insect resistance, good fire resistance, no cracking, and no maintenance. The wood plastic composite material made by high-tech, using waste plastics, plant wood powder, and nut shells through high-temperature compression is a typical environmentally friendly product;

Good water resistance, not easy to mildew, corrosion resistance, insect resistance, chemical stability, high hardness;

The texture is strong, the surface hardness is high, and it is not easy to wear. Different colors can be manufactured according to needs. Good anti-aging performance and long service life, it is the first choice material for outdoor decoration garden, landscape design, courtyard, floor, landscape chair, guardrail production, etc.;

It can be used for packaging in the logistics process and is an ideal material for making boxes and pallets.

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